Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Apparel Suggestions from

Here are a few of our Sexy Biker Apparel suggestions for the forthcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Check back often as we will continue to bring you our hottest sellers right up until the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off.

Daring Open Front Halter Top


For those who like their attire a bit more of the daring side, this drape style halter ties near the waste line allowing for a very revealing open front look.


Side Lace Up Faux Leather Vest


Do you have what it takes to strut your stuff wearing this daring, side lace-up faux leather vest? This halter style vest features a plunging front made up of two single faux leather strips, a full back and cut-out sides. It’s all tied together with side straps that keep things in check.



Wetlook & Mesh Bandeau & Shorts Set


Enticing mesh meets midnight black in this 2-piece set. Loops around neck, ties around back. Shorts with full mesh back. This naughty outfit is ready to rally!


Leather and Lycra Halter Top


A full torso break away leather and lycra halter top featuring front hook and eye closure and a lycra back.


Foil Scrunch Micro Shorts


Knock the dead, strutting around in these butt hugging foil scrunch micro booty shorts. Made from form fitting poly-spandex blend material, your backside will look its best stuffed in a pair of tight fitting fantasy makers.


Chains of Pleasure Faux Leather Top


Daring open chain front faux leather halter style top.


Zipper Front Sweetheart Corset


This biker style black sweetheart corset features structured cups and a zipper front closure. A lace-up back provides for perfect fitment. Also provided are two metal stays in center back with four garter loops.

Leather Halter Cami & Side Tie Panty


A great leather combo for ride and rally. The leather halter cami makes a great top for a warm day of riding and once at the rally, you can swap your jeans for the matching side tie panty and your ready to rock the night away!


BikerCrap Spring Giveaway Contest

The first of the 2014 giveaways is of course the BikerCrap Spring Giveaway Contest. Everyone wins, nobody goes home empty handed.

We kicked off another great BikerCrap Giveaway Contest this past month. Back by popular demand, we’ve selected another smoking hot leather piece to give away as the Grand Prize, something with a mountain of Biker Attitude! And like all of our BikerCrap Giveaway Contests, everyone is a winner and we have plenty of FREE GIFTS to give away. So hurry and place those orders and get your chance at the smoking hot Front Buckled Leather Corset we are giving away and collect your FREE GIFT!


The Spring Giveaway Grand Prize is a hard core biker style leather zip front corset with buckle detail, boning, adjustable and detachable straps and features a leather back with lace up detail. It also includes adjustable, detachable garters. This truly is one bad ass biker babe corset and someone is going to take her home!

Claiming your prize is easy and all you have to do is place an order to win. Your order will include a contest number on your packing slip. Simply email us your contest number and order number and we’ll send you your free giveaway prize but first, check your contest number with the grand prize winning number displayed on the website home page to see if you are the big winner. If you are, then be sure to send us your size along with your contest number and order number and we’ll do the rest.

There are just two restrictions but we promise they are fair. First, you can only collect one giveaway prize per week but there is no restriction on how many giveaways’ you can receive. Second, orders of a ‘single’ pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are not eligible for the giveaway prize, all other orders are eligible and there are no other restrictions.

So head on over to the website and check out the sexy lady biker apparel and other sexy fun items the website offers. Place an order and you will be automatically qualifying yourself for the BikerCrap free giveaway prize and a shot at that Grand Prize Stud Trimmed Leather Corset! is a One of a Kind Riding and Rally Apparel Store

There is no other store like it on the internet, only provides a full collection of adult style motorcycle rally apparel.

Looking for wild and sexy rally apparel to wear to the various adult motorcycle rallies across the nation can be quite difficult. There are no stores that specialize in the type of sexy rally apparel that biker chicks can really let loose in, most of them find themselves improvising to make new outfits or wearing the same thing over and over again.

The local Harley-Davidson dealership is of no help and all the independent motorcycle shops carry little more than branded tank tops and maybe a few semi-sexy leather vests. Lady bikers will hit the local boutique in a quest for something revealing to wear but even then, sheer tops and other biker style apparel remains elusive.

And then there is, the biker babe’s one stop shop for all her sexy riding and rally apparel. Not another run of the mill biker shop disappointingly filled with the same lame tops they can find in any vendor booth, what she finds at is a store filled with sheer and sexy tops, the highest quality of sexy dress leather tops, shorts and skirts and their exclusive PAS-TiTS brand Nipple Pasties. is unequivocally the number one source of wild and sexy riding and rally apparel on and off of the internet. No place will you find a collection of apparel targeted specifically for adult motorcycle rally going lady bikers who like to show some skin when they party. Fishnet, ultra sheer, mesh and lace tops are their specialty and the store is filled with the largest selection of sexy leather apparel bar none.

And for the biker chicks that need a little extra cover when they wear their sheer tops, the website provides a full line of its PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties. PAS-TiTS have been the biker’s choice for over a decade and are the only nipple pasties up to the task of a hard day or riding and partying. Need to jump in the water to cool off? No problem, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are waterproof and will stay on for days on end.

But what we say about really does not matter, you’ll really need to see for yourself. So, the next time you are in the market for some sheer and sexy motorcycle rally apparel, head on over to the website and check things out for yourself. Launches its 2014 Biker Photo Gallery

At the start of each year friends and customers of wait in anticipation for the launch of the new year’s Biker Photo Gallery.

This morning we opened the 2014 Biker Photo Gallery. It looks like we are off to a pretty good start with an opening salvo of eight new gallery submissions along with the start of our 2014 Bikes, Bros, and Babes collection. At the opening bell, there has been nearly 200 kick as photo submissions of bikers doing their biker thing and of course plenty of biker babe flesh to go around.

One gallery of photos was submitted by a long time customer of as you will plainly see when visiting her photo submissions. This smoldering hot biker chick loves a great motorcycle rally and when she parties she often does so wearing some of the wildest rally apparel we have on the website.

There are a few repeat offenders that have been kind enough to submit another batch of photos to the BikerCrap Biker Photo Gallery as well. Mac has been a long time contributor and has provided some of the most kick ass photos of biker chicks baring it all at some of the greatest adult motorcycle rallies in the nation.

Frank is back as well and has started this year off with a few of his incredibly hot looking Belgian Babe. We’ve grown to be friends with these two and we can all but assure you that we’ll be seeing more of Frank’s fine looking lady as the year presses on.

There is plenty more biker party and sexy biker babe photos to check out and if you are new to the Biker Photo Gallery you might want to put the kids away, grab your favorite beverage and cozy on up to your computer monitor because you might be there for a while. The Biker Photo Gallery is a collection of over a decade of real biker, party and rally submissions! And don’t be shy either, if you’ve got some kick ass biker style photos you’d care to share, just click on one of the submission links on any one of the photo gallery pages and it will whisk you away to a page that will allow you to do so, we’d be happy to share them with our fellow brother and sisters in the wind!

More Sheer Tops, Bikini Tops and Corsets on has been gearing up for this coming rally season by adding new sheer tops, corsets, bikini tops and other sexy rally apparel.

All February we’ve been shopping, selecting, purchasing and adding sexy new riding and rally apparel to the web site.  We’re not done, there is plenty more to come but we thought we would bring the first installment of our new additions to you sexy biker babes that are chomping at the bit to get started on your 2014 motorcycle rally wardrobe.

First we added two very hot rally tops and a sexy rally shrug, all available in a wide array of colors.  Both of the new rally tops made a mesh and lace material and are plenty sheer.  The Lace School Girl Top is pretty minimalist, damn sexy and did I mention sheer?  The other of the first additions is a Lace Wrap Top also made of a lovely floral sheer material.  We threw in a colorful line of shrugs too as we have not carried these on the website before.  These go great with a pair of our PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties or with nothing on top at all if that’s the look you are going for.  We’ve made available matching tri-tops with the shrugs for those ladies that like to keep things covered up

20130919_BodyZone Shoot        153_02     153_03

Thinking ahead to the very hot summer days of riding around the rally sight and even down some of the back roads, we’ve added a few very hot bikini style tops.  We’ve got several more smoking  hot bikini tops coming but here is one of the new bikini tops that we have added to the website.


What biker chick does not like to ride in a sexy corset right?   So we moved away from the motorcycle rally environment for just a moment and added several very sexy corsets to our riding collection.  So far so good, they seem to be you lovely lady riders are looking for.


The last few tops that we added to the website are both great riding and rally tops.  Not sheer like our pretty lace/mesh tops, there are made from solid Lycra so while they are very from fitting they are not see through.  Any one of these tops will boost your biker babe status no doubt.

153_06    153_07   153_08
What else do we have coming?  More of the same for sure, we’re not done adding sexy sheer tops for you wild rally going biker babes and for those biker chicks that are a bit more conservative, we’ll be adding more public appropriate riding tops as well.  And booty shorts, we will be adding more butt hugging booty shorts so keep checking the website for new arrivals or sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed.

Nipple Pasties are Popular at Motorcycle Rallies

Bikers flock to motorcycle rallies for a number of reasons including checking out the sexy biker chicks strutting around in nipple pasties.

At motorcycle events and rallies both large and small, it is becoming more and more common to see those sexy lady bikers out and about with no more than a pair of nipple pasties covering their breast. Over the past decade, wearing nipple pasties in public venues has become a growing trend and to the delight of both those lovely ladies who wear them and the adoring bikers who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these near bare breasted biker babes, the towns that play host to many of these motorcycle rallies have become topless tolerant so long as the women keep their nipple covered.

Not every public motorcycle event is as easy going as events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Reno Street Vibes and Las Vegas BikeFest but more and more are becoming so. At these events it is quite common to encounter a nipple pasties clad lady biker freely roaming the sidewalks and businesses, you’ll even catch the occasional motorcycle mama perched on the back of a bike rolling down the highway.

At motorcycle events where the public display of nipple pasties is not permitted, you are still likely to find a nipple pasties wearing biker chick or two raising the roof inside one of the popular watering holes.

With the growing popularity of nipple pasties so grows the number of nipple pasties to choose from and while every biker chick has her favorite, by overwhelming majority, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been the bikers choice. This comes as no surprise as PAS-TiTS have their roots in the motorcycle community. For their first five years in existence, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties were sold exclusively on the website so it stands to reason that the majority of those purchasing were lady bikers along with a few outside the motorcycle community that happened to stumble on to the website. And those lovely PAS-TiTS wearing biker ladies wore their nipple pasties proudly.


Still the most widely recognized nipple pasties at motorcycle rallies across the nation, PAS-TiTS have also gained tremendous popularity throughout the nipple pasties wearing community over the past several years. You just can’t keep a good thing a secret forever!

The Reasons Bikers Love Adult Motorcycle Rallies

If you have been considering attending your first adult motorcycle rally but are still uncertain as to their merits, this should clear things up!

World Class Accommodations

Some of the finest accommodations are found at adult motorcycle rallies.   Many of these rallies are hosted in areas that provide RV hookups and
other amenities while the first rate adult motorcycle rallies provide spacious grounds where two wheeled attendees can pitch their tents.  It’s not like the old days were the only thing between you and the cold hard ground was your bedroll, todays biker packs along a luxurious air mattress, pillows and even their favorite Harley-Davidson blanket.


See Works from Some of the Greatest Bike Builder

Virtually every motorcycle event includes a bike show and adult motorcycle rallies are no exception, attracting some of the greatest bike builders in the nation.   Void of big rig rolling bike shops and in many cases even a motorcycle trailer, for many of the old school bike builders they ride in their prize pieces of rolling ironwork from one rally to the next.  They have little need for chrome polish or leather cleaner as these builders build for themselves often using whatever parts they can beg, barter and scrounge up.  These world class builders work from their garages, not a fabrication shop, their bikes are built from the heart, not from
their wallet!


Take in a Game or Two

As is the case with the bike show, no self-respecting motorcycle event is complete without motorcycle games.   Motorcycle and people games are always a great crowd pleaser at adult motorcycle rallies for very obvious reasons.   The biker chicks that participate in events such weenie bite contest, the slow race and pretty much any of the games add an element to the games that you will not see at your local HOG rally or mainstream bike event, they like to participate topless!


The Best In On-Stage Performances

Of course all great adult motorcycle rallies include first rate stage performances that often include crowd participation.  Rarely is there a shortage of volunteers to participate in one of these performances and when an added incentive of a small cash prize is provided, the biker babes come rushing to the stage.  Volunteers need not possess any performing skills other than to be able to dance around the stage and fend off the chilling effects of ice cold buckets of water being poured on the white cotton t-shirt covered breasts.  Beyond that, the biker chicks can let the natural talents of their water soaked bodies do the performing.


And You Get to Play Dress Up

There are few rules at adult motorcycle rallies and fewer inhibitions.  What inhibitions do exist typically get washed away through the consumption of alcohol.
These rallies make for some of the wildest and visually entertaining exhibitions of adult dissention you’ll ever get to participate in and once you attend your
first, you’ll only want more.  Adult motorcycle rallies provide an opportunity for the typical soccer mom to transform herself in to the true biker diva that she really is.  Slipping into some of their favorite and most revealing rally apparel, biker babes will party like porn starts all weekend right up until it’s time to put their soccer mom face back on.


But the greatest part of an adult motorcycle rally is the friendship and camaraderie.  The intimate nature of these events is a result of the extreme bond felt amongst likeminded bikers who share the same passion for life, liberty and the pursuit of expressing their personal freedoms.  This may come in the form of a 50 foot long burnout or coupe of intimately friendly biker chicks working the crowed up into a feverish frenzy.   Whatever the case may be, it is what brings bikers back to these events time and time again.