We Do Black Friday A Little Different at BikerCrap.com

If bikers have a favorite color it is black making everyday a Black Friday on the BikerCrap.com website.

For the decade BikerCrap.com has been in business, we have made it a point to offer our sexy riding and rally apparel at the lowest prices we can and still stay in business.  This is why you rarely see a sale on the website.  Sure, we have the occasional sale on a featured item or if we are able to make a great deal on an overstock item but all in all, every day is a sale day on the BikerCrap.com website.

While we may not have a Black Friday sale, black is the BikerCrap.com theme color by default, it is a biker site for heaven’s sake!  We’ve been bringing in color over time but our core collections, the Wild Leather collection and the Sexy Riding and Rally Wear collection are packed full of biker black items to fill your wardrobe with.

For example, here are some of our mainstay items in our Sexy Riding and Rally Wear collection:

ALSBA014 EMSBA054 EMSBA07120130919_BodyZone Shoot

As you can see, black is a definite theme on BikerCrap.com, the biker babes demand it and we do our best to supply what they want.

You can get any color sexy riding apparel you wish from our Wild Leather collection as long as it is black.  There are over 100 eye popping and heart pounding leather items to choose from in this collection all offered at our every-day  Black Friday prices.

And we’ve got plenty of Little Black Dresses!


You have probably gotten the idea by now that black is a theme on the BikerCrap.com website.  But if you enjoy a splash of color in your rally apparel, there is still plenty to choose from.

No, you won’t see any Black Friday banners or advertisement plastered across the pages of the BikerCrap website but don’t let that fool you.  Stop and check out the everyday low prices on the hottest riding and rally apparel you’ll find on the internet.

PAS-TiTS Continue to Gain Popularity

For a decade, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been confined to the biker community, but word has leaked out and now they are seen everywhere!

It’s not just breast baring biker babes who are wearing PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties these days, they can be spotted at every adult oriented event across the nation and abroad.  PAS-TiTS are still the dominate force in nipple pasties worn at all major motorcycle events and adult biker rallies but as of late have been growing that same dominance at events such as Fantasy Fest and Burning Man.


PAS-TiTS still makes their home on the BikerCrap.com website but they have found their way on the breasts of women ranging from business professionals and college coeds to strippers and grade school teachers. PAS-TiTS have been spotted gracing the globes of Playboy Playmates and have been worn by some of the biggest adult film starts, including cougar porn queens Sally D’Angelo and Rita Daniels.


The secret to the success of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties is really no secret at all.  Since being introduced a decade ago, the owners of PAS-TiTS have lived buy two simple rules.  First, provide a superior product at a fair price and second, provide the highest level of customer service possible because, if you can’t provide quality customer service, you do not deserve customers!

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are now moving into their second decade and the future looks bright.  In general, the popularity of nipple covers is growing in leaps and bounds with more women discovering the freedom nipple pasties provide them and the number of venues women wear nipple pasties continues to grow.  For PAS-TiTS, having broken out of  its biker community shell, business will grow right along with rest of the nipple cover industry, the difference being, PAS-TiTS will be the leader.

Its roots are in the biker community and to that community PAS-TiTS owes a debt of gratitude as without the free spirited nature of those biker chicks, PAS-TiTS would not be the dominant force in the nipple pasties industry that it is today!


What to Wear to an Adult Motorcycle Rally

Labeling an event as “adult” typically insinuates that the behavior of those in attendance may be of a mature nature and nudity is acceptable.

Motorcycle rallies are no exception and those that are promoted as being “adult” are likely to have an abundance of people in attendance dress in various stages of undress.  And while you can expect to see bare skin at an adult motorcycle rally, they are not all the same.  Some adult motorcycle rallies are wilder and some are tamer, what people choose to wear or not wear typically follows suite.

Many motorcycle rallies that are billed as “adult” are far more mild than wild.  By claiming adult status however, the organizers do not have to deal with the “family” biker that insists on dragging their brood of children along for the ride.  These milder rallies have their share of nudity but are not as “in your face” than might be experienced at less subdued adult rallies.  Nudity is more often in the form of playful titty flashing and is more likely to be seen at the campsite than vendor row.  Most of the pretty ladies that are seen strolling around these rallies remain clothed in jeans, daisy dukes, tank tops and an occasional bikini top or two but all in all, most women at this types of adult rallies remain reasonably well covered.


There are a number of great adult biker rallies across the nation that embraces more of a Woodstock feel.  The apparel worn by the ladies at these types of rallies varies widely ranging from jeans and a tank top to a thong and a smile.  At these more earthy feeling rallies you are much more likely to encounter a free spirited biker lady enjoying the feeling of being topless more than you’ll find lady bikers running around and sexy outfits carefully selected to best exploit their breasts and booty.


Last, there are those off the hook adult motorcycle rallies where those in attendance have one thing in mind, to get naked and party!   During the daylight hours you’ll encounter large numbers of biker babes walking and riding around in their favorite tight pair of jeans and triangle bikini tops.  Biker chicks just love triangle bikini tops as they make it easy for them to flash their boobs.  Nipple pasties are quite common at these types of adult rallies as well but rarely stay on for long.  Fishnet tops and booty shorts are also a favorite with the ladies.  Basically any form of sexy apparel that provides their fellow bikers with a clear view of what they want to show off you’ll find at these adult motorcycle rallies.  And as the day progresses into night, the level of undress often increases and for many of these hard partiers, a birthday suite is all they will end up having on!


Regardless what your taste is in adult style motorcycle rallies, one thing that you can be certain of is that no matter what you choose to wear or not wear, you will be amongst like-minded friends!

Six Rules for Wearing Nipple Pasties

Anyone who wears nipple pasties with any regularity knows that there are few rules that apply but if you’re new to nipple pasties, here are a few tips.

1.  Be Respectful of Your Surroundings

There are a great many public places where you can wear nipple pasties, ranging from motorcycle rallies to an evening out with friends or that special someone.  If you happen to be in a large public event where a more liberal dress code is being tolerated than exposing your nipple pasties covered breast may be acceptable however, some of these events, especially in the daytime hours remain children friendly which means for those who wish to wear attire that exposes their nipple pasties covered breasts need to respect that they are in a public venue.  It is typically no more difficult than being aware if your surroundings and avoiding direct contact with the young ones.

2.  Don’t Assume Everyone Wants to See Your Boobs

Nipple Pasties are always fun to wear in public and in semi-private but just because they seem acceptable to wear at the location you happen to be at, do not assume that everyone wants to see your boobs.  Yea, I know that sounds unimaginable, but the fact of the matter is, in places that are not established to be for adult only activities, some people do take offense.  Many non-adult designated establishments are tolerant of women wearing nipple pasties so long as they are doing so in a non-intrusive manner.

3.  Not All Bars and Clubs are Okay with Nipple Pasties

Before you head off to the new local hot spot in your breast revealing attire it would behoove you to pre-run your evening before you get to the door and can’t meet the dress code.   Many clubs and bars have issue with women wearing a sheer top with a pair of nipple pasties to keep her areolas covered, some don’t even have issue with full breast exposure providing there is some form of nipple covers being worn.  But other clubs and bars are much stricter and will not even tolerate an open top that reveals full breast whether the nipples are covered or not.

4.  Be Sure Your Areolas are Covered

There are a large number of public venues and events that are tolerant of bare breasted women so long as they have some form of nipple covers on.  But be careful as public events are usually patrolled by law enforcement that is there to ensure that nudities laws are adhered to.  In the case of women they encounter that are wearing nipple pasties, they check to ensure that no part of the areola is exposed, a violation that at minimum could result in a ticket and maximum might land you in cuffs and arrested.  Some of the nipple pasties designs that can be purchased are very intricate, such as those offered by PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.  While the intricate designs are more attractive they sometime expose small areas of the areola which can be an issue at certain venues.  The best bet is, for the heavy public events that are patrolled by law enforcement, it is always best to wear nipple covers that for certain keep all of the areola covered.

5.  Do Not Wear Decals

Decals were meant for car bumpers and tool boxes not on you love melons.  Decals, as well as many of the cheap brands of nipple pasties utilize and industrial grade adhesive to get them to adhere to whatever surface they were intended to be placed upon which likely was not a nice pair of breasts. The areola is very sensitive, not just in regards to stimulation, but sensitive to foreign materials and may react, sometimes even violently, to the harsh adhesives used in decals and some of the poorer grade nipple pasties.  Be sure that whenever you purchase nipple pasties, they are clearly identified and using a medical grade adhesive such as PAS-TiTS nipple pasties does.

6.  Have Fun

The most important rule when wearing nipple pasties is to have fun!


Breast Baring Fashion


First it was backless and then it was braless and today many women have upped their game another notch and made the step to breast baring attire.

It’s certainly not the 50’s anymore nor the 70’s or even the 90’s, the 21st century woman has arrived and she’s made quite the entrance.  While not a fashion trend, revealing tops styled with deep plunging necklines or made from ultra-sheer fabric are showing up in public more and more. Revealing tops are not for everyone and certainly cannot be worn just anyplace, but where and when appropriate, more and more women are pressing the envelope of expressing their sexuality and are enjoying the liberating sensation, sexual exhilaration, and of course both the male and female attention, that comes from wearing highly revealing attire.

Fashions that reveal much more of a woman’s chest, full cleavage and a large percentage of their breasts are slowly becoming more commonplace in the world today, even in high traffic, public surroundings.  While they do not in any way expose their bare nipples and areolas to the public view, many of these fashions provide the wearer a great deal of control via zippers, snaps and buttons, which allows them to be a bit more to the conservative if need be, or they can open their tops right to the very edge of their areolas, if they wish.


Sheer tops are nothing new to woman’s fashion but the way in which many women are wearing them now is.  As society grows more accepting, an increasing number of women are liberating themselves of the under garments once worn with their sheer tops and are now go about their business in certain public settings unabashed.


In public venues where it may not be acceptable for a woman to allow her nipples to show through an ultra-sheer or fishnet top, many will apply a pair of nipple pasties to their breast in order to keep their areolas from being exposed.  Some prefer to wear some form of nipple covers for their own comfort, even in public venues were it is acceptable for their nipples to be exposed.


As society becomes more acceptant, we will see more women begin to emerge in public unashamedly wearing breast revealing fashions.  Someday sheer tops and open blouses will no longer relegated to private parties and closed environments and will be a common sight in the general public.

Spice Up Your Party with Nipple Pasties

There are few things on this earth that are sure to spice up any party as quick and exciting as a pair of nipple pasties. From the first suggestion the fun starts and the chatter amongst the ladies starts until the first brave sole lifts her top and the first pair of nipple pasties of the party are applied.
Never wanting to feel left out, the line forms quick and before you know it the room is filled with breast baring nipple pasties wearing ladies. The party is officially Off the Hook!


Spring breakers rarely need incentive to liven up their good time, they arrive in their board short and bikinis, primed and ready to unwind. With the music pumping and the party jumping, the addition of a little alcohol is usually just enough inspiration to talk these party babes out of their tops. Nipple pasties are a must however, as they need to keep things legal and more important, wearing nipple covers keeps the ladies nipples from getting sun burned.

Once a holiday to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has now become more of an excuse to drink beer and get dressed in wearing something green. Shamrock nipple pasties have become a common sight at brew pubs and bars across the nation and the more green beer gets consumed the more the shamrocks come out!


Biker babes are infamous for free spirited nature. Give a biker day a sunny day or a warm summer night surrounded by like-minded bikers to party with and away goes the tops and on go the nipple pasties.

The lake and river crowd are another group that has embraced nipple pasties are part of their lifestyle. Partying in public demands that the ladies keep their nipples covered and on any given summer weekend at the popular party spots like Lake Havasu and along the Colorado River, women clad in bikini bottoms and nipple covers litter the shorelines.


Without a doubt a simple pair of nipple pasties can bring the party to a whole new level. Nipple covers have also made their way into women’s evening apparel, worn with low plunging and lose fitting tops to keep the nipples covered. There are even those ladies that keep a pair of PAS-TiTS nipple pasties in their purse just in case!

PAS-TiTS Offers Many Unique Styles of Nipple Pasties


Since entering the nipple pasties market, PAS-TiTS has provided its customers with some of the most unique styles of nipple pasties imaginable.

It’s been nearly a decade now since PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties first hit the scene and established itself as one of the leaders in the nipple pasties industry.  Built on a reputation of unsurpassed quality and customer care, PAS-TiTS also prides itself on its wide and unique selection of nipple pastes styles.  Of course PAS-TiTS offers all the standard styles as well, many of which have been cloned by the competition but as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!

Starting with their best seller, what lady can resist a firm pair of hands holding their breasts!  PAS-TiTS Hand style nipple pasties outsell all other styles two fold and have been spotted at music raves, river parties and on women walking down Las Vegas Blvd.


Lips are also one of PAS-TiTS bestselling nipple pasties styles.  I mean seriously, what women does not love to have a pair of woman’s lips wrapped around her nipples right?


One of PAS-TiTS unique styles of nipple pasties are their Peace Doves.  Offered by no other nipple pasties manufacture, their Peace Dove nipple pasties are popular amongst those who enjoy sharing their message of peace and love as well as those who just think they look cool of course!


Most of the PAS-TiTS nipple pasties styles are designed to be attractive yet keeping in mind that most who wear them are looking for the very minimal amount of coverage possible.  PAS-TiTS does however have a nipple pasties styles to accommodate those lovely breast bearing ladies who have larger size areolas.  One such style is their very popular Large Heart style nipple pasties and multi-color, as seen here, seems to be the most popular color.


Without a doubt, the most popular PAS-TiTS nipple pasties style with the exotic dancer crowd is their Butterfly style nipple pasties.  Linked to the idea of beauty and freedom, many hard working dancers, who must wear nipple pasties, find that the Butterfly style nipple pasties draw more attention to them when they are working their craft.


Another popular style of PAS-TiTS nipple pasties is their standard Heart style.  Hearts are always attractive and for those who wear nipple pasties out of necessity, the standard Heart style is as minimal as it gets, just large enough to cover typical sized areolas.


For the big breasted ladies with larger areolas PAS-TiTS has created their Rockstar style nipple pasties.  Not just popular because of their large size, they are very eye catching too and many women not in need of larger areola coverage still choose Rockstar PAS-TiTS!


Unique to PAS-TiTS are their Sheriff Star style nipple pasties.  A Halloween time favorite that puts a new spin in the Sexy Sheriff costume.


Other nipple pasties manufactures have flames but nobody has anything that rivals PAS-TiTS Flame style nipple pasties!  Their Flame style nipple pasties offer a level of detail unmatched by any other and are certainly more eye appealing.   It’s this high level of detail, along with unmatched quality that separates PAS-TiTS nipple pasties from the rest.


For the biker babes and chopper chicks, PAS-TiTS offers its Iron Cross style nipple pasties.  Another of PAS-TiTS unique styles that has been copied by others over the years but none are as popular.


Only PAS-TiTS offers a style of nipple pasties for those ladies that love to Cowgirl Up!  Their Cowgirl Boot style nipple pasties are without a doubt a one of a kind item exclusive to PAS-TiTS and are perfect for the sexy little filly that loves to ride bare back!


Another exclusive nipple pasties design by PAS-TiTS is their Dragon style nipple pasties.  Another example of their uniqueness in nipple pasties, nowhere will you find another nipple pasties design that rivals intricate detail offered by the Dragon style nipple pasties.


Last but certainly not least are PAS-TiTS Shamrock style nipple pasties.  A seasonal favorite that is quite popular with the pub crawlers and St. Patty’s Day party goers.  Intentionally crafted a little on the larger side, PAS-TiTS chose to do so as there are so few selections of shamrock pasties available that they wanted to be sure that they could satisfy the entire marketplace.


And one of the best features about PAS-TiTS nipple pasties is the colors!  Every style of nipple pasties offered by PAS-TiTS is available in any one of their over one dozen colors and all are always available in-stock.  The other best feature of PAS-TiTS nipple pasties is that they always ship for free within the United States.