Where you can find PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties

The PAS-TiTS brand of Nipple Pasties is owned by solely distributed by BikerCrap.com however, there are other places they can be purchased on the internet.

Since their creation just over a decade ago, PAS-TiTS have called the BikerCrap.com website their home.  Their origin PAS-TiTS was actually one of necessity as a portion of the BikerCrap.com customer base was not comfortable wearing the revealing apparel sold on the website without having something to cover their nipples, and understandably so.



For the past decade those looking to purchase a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties has always been able to find them on the BikerCrap.com website, a simple internet search would land them there, so long as they included “PAS-TiTS” in their search phrase.

But not everyone knows PAS-TiTS by name and when shoppers utilized the search phrase “nipple pasties” they often find themselves viewing auction sites such as Ebay or specialty marketplace places like Etsy and Amazon.  So, instead of trying to find ways to bring those customers to PAS-TiTS, BikerCrap.com brought their signature nipple pasties to them and PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are now offered on each of these auction and marketplace websites.

No matter how you find them, PAS-TiTS offers the same product, full line of styles and in all colors through all of these shopping venues, and the price is the same for all as well so no need to shop them all looking for the best price.

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties does have their own website however, the website is a marketing platform and will like customers to the PAS-TiTS page of the BikerCrap.com website.  The PAS-TiTS website does have a lot of great information on it however, as well as a great photo gallery filled with sexy customers wearing their PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties out and about.


Where Lady Bikers Go to get their Sexy Biker Apparel

There are literally dozens of biker related websites that stake claim to providing the largest selection of sexy biker apparel on the internet but when you visit their on-line store all you find is the ten thousandth variation of the same old worn out tank top that has been around for over a decade. I mean seriously, is this what has become of sexy riding apparel?

Granted, not every lady biker is looking to lay it all out there for all to appreciate, whether they are riding or attending their favorite adult style motorcycle rally, but for those who are, there looks to be only one true place on the internet that they can go to shop for the wildest, sexiest and showiest riding and rally apparel and that place is BikerCrap.com!

For over a decade now BikerCrap.com has been providing lady bikers with the absolute best selection of eye popping, show stopping, in our face naughty riding and rally attire bar none. From breast baring sheer and lace tops to neck breaking booty shorts and micro mini-skirts, if a lady biker is daring enough to wear it, she’ll find it on the BikerCrap.com website.



The same argument holds true for ladies leather apparel as well, with dozens more websites claiming to provide a great selection of sexy leather apparel but when you arrive at their site you find little more being offered than the standard fringed fair found at every leather vendor booth.

The BikerCrap.com website on the other hand has by far the absolute largest selection of wild and sexy ladies leather apparel you will find on or off the web.  With well in excess of 100 unique leather items to choose from, there is something to satisfy the taste of every lady biker.  And all of the leather apparel offered on the BikerCrap.com website is made from the highest quality dress leather, not that big bulky stuff sold in the vendor booths.

And of course, the place the bikers go or their nipple pasties needs is the BikerCrap.com website, home of the PAS-TiTS brand of nipple pasties!



Lady bikers shopping on the BikerCrap.com website are going to find the most daring collection of sexy riding and adult rally apparel. What they won’t find is another boring tank top!

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties – More Than a Notch above the Rest

When comparing nipple pasties companies, it is difficult to make a distinction between one manufacturer over another unless one of those being compared happens to be PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties. PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are the gold standard of nipple pasties and have set the bar for all other nipple pasties manufactures to rise to.  Unmatched quality, delivery and customer support has set PAS-TiTS nipple apart from its competitors and the gap between isn’t even close.


A Decade of Unwavering Quality

The PAS-TiTS brand recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, a milestone for any company in today tough retail environment.

In an economy that has forced far too many companies to look for any and every corner that can be cut to improve their bottom line, in many cases just to stay in business, PAS-TiTS has refused to compromise it quality in any way. And despite increased costs, PAS-TiTS nipple pasties are still manufacture from the same high quality materials that they have been since first being introduced without passing the increased costs to its customers.

The manufacturing and quality control processes of PAS-TiTS nipple pasties remains the same as well and will continue to remain so.  There is no argument strong enough to justify compromising the quality of product that PAS-TiTS customers have for the past decade grown to expect.


Customers are King

In addition to providing its customers with that best quality nipple pasties on the retail market, PAS-TiTS is dedicated to the loyalty of is existing and future customer base. It is rare that PAS-TiTS is contacted by one of its customers to address a potential problem, but on the few occasions that it has happened, the issue is always address in an immediate manner and always resolved to the customers satisfaction.

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties also understands that its customers are human and sometime need a few hoops jumped through as a result of their not placing their nipple pasties order in time to wear to an event. PAS-TiTS is happy to do anything they can to be sure their customer’s delivery time is met, often time doing so coming at a loss on the order.  However, PAS-TiTS efforts are well rewarded through customer loyalty which is significantly more important to taking a small hit on an order.

And as has been since day one, First Class shipping is always FREE for all domestic retail order.


PAS-TiTS Success is No Accident

Success is rarely by accident, it’s achieved through the deliberate act of instituting well thought out actions over and over and over again which is exactly how PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties conducts business each and every day.   There is no corner cutting on the road to success either, another rule PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties lives by.


Now in their second decade of providing nipple pasties to the world. PAS-TiTS plans to continue on just as they have in the past, providing the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction that has made them more than a notch above the rest.

The Collections of BikerCrap.com

For more than a decade now, BikerCrap.com has been bringing the sexiest and most uninhibited selections of riding and rally apparel to the biker community. Over time, the offerings on the BikerCrap.com website have grown, with new collections added and other expanded.

For those new to the BikerCrap.com website or anyone who has not visited the website for some time, we have put together this quick rundown of the various collections currently being offered on the website.


Sexy Riding & Rally Wear
The Sexy Riding & Rally Wear Collection is the anchor collection of the BikerCrap.com website and the reason the website exists.  It was because of the difficulties that Mrs. BikerCrap had in finding one place on the internet that she could shop for adult motorcycle rally style apparel that inspired this collection and ultimately the website.  This collection is still where biker ladies can find titillating sheer and fishnet tops as well as other sexy rally apparel items that cannot be found elsewhere.


Wild Leather
Another of the original collections of the BikerCrap.com website, the Wild Leather Collection is exactly what its name implies.  This is the largest collection of wild and sexy leather you will find anyplace on the internet.  The offerings in this collection are not your standard vendor items, the Wild Leather collection offers only the sexiest selections of leather apparel all made from the highest quality of dress leather.  There are also several faux leather items in the Wild Leather collection that are much easier on the wallet.


Plus Sizes for Biker Babes
At the repeated request of many customers, the Plus Sizes for Biker Babes Collection was added to the BikerCrap.com website bringing a plus size line of corsets, mini dresses and sexy leather to the Biker Divas.  The collection has been well received and will continue to grow as more sexy, biker style, plus sized apparel is discovered.


Sexy Mini Dresses
Not one of the originals of the BikerCrap.com website, but the Sexy Mini Dresses Collection has been around for quite some time.  Sexy mini dresses fit well in the “rally apparel” theme of the BikerCrap.com website with hundreds of biker babes trading in their tight fitting jeans for an ass bearing mini dress when they hit the streets of the many major motorcycle rallies such as Sturgis and Daytona.  The Sexy Mini Dresses Collection has been a great addition to the BikerCrap.com website.


PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties
Born with the BikerCrap.com website, the PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties Collection was seen as a necessity to companion with the shear and fishnet tops being offered in the website.  Not all motorcycle rallies are nipple tolerant and some ladies prefer wearing a pair of nipple pasties under their sheer tops.  And so, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been part of the BikerCrap.com website since its launch.


Corsets and Bustiers
One of the newer additions to the BikerCrap.com website, the Corsets and Bustiers Collection has been a mega hit.  This collection was in the planning for a very long time and after finally nailing down a manufacture of high quality and attractive corsets and bustiers, the collection was finally added.


Non-Pierced Body Jewelry
Another collection that has been a part of the BikerCrap.com website from the start, the Non-Pierced Body Jewelry Collection is a customer favorite.   Adult motorcycle rallies brings out the naughtiest in many of those who participate, and for those that do not have pierced nipples, they find non-pierced nipple jewelry to be great beasts adornments.


Booty Shorts & Mini Skirts
The Booty Shorts & Mini Skirts Collection was added to the BikerCrap.com website several years ago.  It just seemed to make sense and to be honest, it was a bit of an oversight not to include this collection from the start.  Rally going biker ladies love to show off their booty as much as their boobs and what better way to do it than in a tight fitting pair of booty shorts or an ultra-short mini skirt.


Patriotic Collection
The newest addition to the BikerCrap.com website, the Patriotic Collection has so far been well received so it looks like it’s a keeper.  This collection makes two things very clear, biker chicks are patriotic and they love to show off their patriotism in the sexiest of ways!


After the Ride
The After the Ride Collection is actually and absorption of a sister website of BikerCrap.com’s, Sweet Cindy’s Intimates.  The decision to open an intimate apparel website was probably not the smartest decision ever made as that particular market is over saturated.  However, adding an intimate apparel collection to the BikerCrap.com website was simple enough to do and offers customers a little something different to their shopping experience.


So there you have it, a short and sweet rundown of the BikerCrap.com website collection, a little history on them and what they have to offer. Now all that is left to do is visit the website and browse through them all.  And while you are there, don’t forget to check out the BikerCrap.com Featured Bike, Bro and Babe as well as spend some time browsing through the over 12,000 photos in the BikerCrap.com website’s Biker Photo Gallery!

Nipple Pasties Wearers Beware

The popularity of nipple pasties continues to grow and with that growth comes all those who wish to try and capitalize on them.

Despite there being dozens of different brands of nipple pasties for sale through various on-line outlets such as EBay, Etsy and Amazon, the number of “safe for use” manufactures can be counted on one hand with a finger or two left over. That’s right there are less than a half dozen legitimate established nipple pasties manufactures.

While the name brand producers of nipple pasties, such as PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties, do sell on these auction sites, a large portion of what is being sold are home crafted items.  And that is not a bad thing necessarily, especially when it comes to the very intricate burlesque style nipple covers that are attached to the wearer’s breast and areola using safe for skin body glue.  But far too many of the peel and stick style nipple covers found on auction sites are simply not safe.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing nipple pasties is that your boobs are not a car bumper. And since your boobs are not a car bumper there is no reason for you to put car bumper stickers on them.  It’s also not safe!  That goes for window stickers, crafting stickers or any other sticker for that matter that was not professionally engineers and manufactured for the sole purpose of covering your areolas.

Home crafted nipple pasties being made from unsafe materials has become an epidemic. Anyone with basic computer skills can create eye catching images aimed to attract those shopping for nipple covers.  And with today’s low cost of color printers, using sticker sheets that can be obtained at any arts and crafts store, literally anyone can make stickers and then pass them off as nipple pasties.

The danger is that the adhesive used on these arts and crafts sticker sheets are not medical grade. Placing nipple covers, on your areoles, made utilizing “for craft” sticker sheets is little different than grabbing glue from the cupboard and using it to stick your favorite cut-out on your boobs, it’s just not a good thing.  And there could be severe negative implications when using a non-medical grade adhesive on your bare skin, especially on the highly sensitive areola area.  People with sensitive skin or skin allergies can have very bad reactions to the adhesives used on “for craft” sticker sheets.  And you may not even know that you have sensitive skin unless you have, in the past, applied nipple pasties on your breasts for prolonged periods of time.

Don’t turn your boobs in to guinea pigs, they are far more deserving than that. When the need arises to cover your areolas always be sure to choose a safe and proven product, such as PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties to keep your boobs out of trouble!

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties – Join in on the Fun

As their tag line states, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pastes are Sexy Fun Fashion for your Breasts. More and more women are making this discovery each day!

When PAS-TiTS were first introduced on the BikerCrap.com website over a decade ago, their exposure was largely limited to the biker community.  But as lady bikers across the nation were finding fun new ways to party with their nipple pasties on, the word soon began to spread.


Lake Havasu and the sand bars of the Colorado River were the first place that PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties emerged outside of the biker community. The word spread quickly and bikini babes all over Lake Havasu and along the Colorado River were ditching their tops in exchange for a pair of nipple pasties.


And as the word continued to spread, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties began appearing pretty much anyplace adults gathered for a good time.  Fantasy Fest, Burning Man, the Electric Daisy Carnival and of course Mardi gras are just a few of the major venues where PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties quickly gained popularity.

And the growth continues as more and more ladies are embracing their own sexuality as well as learning how to leave their inhibitions behind. It’s no longer taboo for a woman’s breast to be exposed and more women are dressing more provocatively on their nights out, feeling confident enough to slip on something sheer along with a color matched pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.

Lifestyle parties are another event where PAS-TiTS have gained significant popularity. The shimmering material that PAS-TiTS are made from, along with a dozen unique styles and as many colors to choose from has made PAS-TiTS the premier nipple pasties amongst the Lifestyle crowd.  PAS-TiTS are also a great way to spice up a friendly pool party or any large get together with close friends.

Get Your Sexy Rally Apparel Shopping Done During The Off Season

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers is “Can I get my BikerCrap order by Thursday?”  This question almost always includes the caveat, “We are leaving for the rally on Friday!”  And believe it or not, this happens the most the week or two heading in to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Of course we do our very best to meet our customers delivery requests, which most often means they have to eat the expense of costly 2nd day and overnight shipping.  It kills us when we have to inform one of our customers that it is going to cost $35 to ship $15 worth of our PAS-TiTS nipple pasties to them overnight.  The other problem customer’s encounter with these last minute visits to the BikerCrap.com website is the item they are shopping for sometimes being out of stock.  While we try our best to keep all items in the store available, it gets difficult during rally season, especially the month or so leading up to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the time those sexy biker ladies are shopping in force!  We try and anticipate how much inventory we need, but sometimes we underestimate the popularity of a certain item, with the biker ladies, and it becomes difficult to keep it in-stock.

None of this has to happen however, as the BikerCrap.com website is open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We understand that many of those biker ladies wait until motorcycle rally season starts to do their shopping, assuming that the styles for the new season are not added to the BikerCrap.com website until right before rally season starts. This however, is not the case.  Most of our suppliers change their collections in the fall and winter.  As well, they update their collections throughout the year.  As such, we are always shopping their offerings and updating the BikerCrap.com website inventory as we come across sexy new items we think would appeal to all those sexy biker ladies out there.

What this means to our customers is that the best time to update their rally apparel collection is during the off season. Shopping for sexy rally apparel during the off season can also work out better for the budget as we all know how expensive rally season can get.  Another advantage to shopping during the off season is that an opportunity might present itself to take the new naughty riding apparel out to the local biker bar for a test run.

We also have a newsletter that we issue whenever we add new items to the BikerCrap.com website. A sign-up link for the newsletter can be found on the BikerCrap.com website home page.  We can also be followed on Facebook, G+ and Twitter!