Don’t Forget About Those Plus Size Biker Divas

Biker chicks come in all shapes and sizes and those curvaceous creatures of the wind like to ride and rally looking just as sexy as their size small sisters!

That’s right those plus size biker babes like to dress it up sexy just like any other gal does but far too often they are left out when it comes to head turning, jaw dropping and skin baring attire to ride, rally and party in.

When it comes to something sexy to wear when riding, nothing looks better on a plus size biker diva than a well fitted leather top.  Sexy plus size leather tops are often hard to come by.  Bike rally vendors peddle the standard fare of semi attractive leather vests, thick and bulky and offered in two varieties, fringed and not fringed.  They’re great for those that want to blend in but for the plus size biker diva that wants to stand out in the crowd, some form fitting dress leather attire is what she is looking for.


And then there is the bike rally.  While being a biker is not a fashion statement, every gal likes to get dressed up every now and again.  Whether she rides her own or is perched atop the back seat of her biker man’s bike, doing it sexy puts a smile on everyone’s face.  Corsets and bustiers are popular with the plus size gals as not only are the sexy, they were designed to enhance the womanly attributes of a gal with a little meat on her.  Open busted corsets are very popular with plus size biker divas especially at adult bike rallies were a pretty top to wear with the open bust corset is an accessory not a necessity.


But it’s not always about the ride or the rally, sometimes these voluptuous beauties of plus size proportion are ready to get their dance on and what better to shake that booty in than a plus size mini dress.   Like corsets and bustiers, plus size mini dresses are design to enhance the biker diva’s greatest attributes be it a chest bearing plunging neckline, a booty bearing micro mini cut or a combination of both.



Dressing For Your First Adult Motorcycle Rally!

You finally made the commitment and this year you will attend your first adult motorcycle rally.  Now all you need to figure out is what to wear!

The first thing you need to know about attending an adult motorcycle rally is that it does not matter what you wear.  Adult motorcycle rallies have no rules and there are no expectations, it’s what makes them so fun and exciting.  Yes, all the biker chicks in the photos you see on-line are flashing their breasts and are barely wearing anything but those photos are hand-picked and do not depict the overall environment of what is typically going on at an adult motorcycle rally.

Your first time at an adult motorcycle rally will be one you will never forget so putting a little thought into what your real intentions are is a good idea.  Some people are purely spectators, others casual participators and some fully immerse themselves into the adult nature of the event.  The one thing you must always remember is that nobody attending adult motorcycle rallies expects anything from you so just be yourself.

What to Wear!

If it is your intention to let your hair down and show some skin for you first time, it is best that you put a little thought and preparation as to what you might wish to wear.  Sheer tops are always a good place to start, they give you a feeling of being covered while at the same time your mind knows you’re not.  Sheer tops work especially well when you are in close proximity of others, such as when you are out browsing the vendors or my up at the stage watching the adult games taking place.  In situations like these a more revealing open top may make you feel a little insecure, at least until you get a feel of things and grow comfortable with the adult biker environment so be sure to pack a couple sheer tops that you think you will be comfortable in.

Sheer tops come in a variety of forms, the most common being a tight mesh and the other lace.  Both are great choices.  Mesh sheer tops are far more exposing so, for a first timer, they sometimes take a little working up to.  Depending on the fabric, lace tops on the other hand can make you feel less exposed while still being so.

Of course there is leather, bikers just love their leather.  Leather tops can provide you with an incredible look and the right choice of top gives you some flexibility as to exactly how exposed you wish to be.  Not afforded the ability to see through them like a mesh top, leather requires you to be a bit bolder with your intentions to show some skin however.   Zip front leather tops are always a great choice as you can keep working the zipper down as your confidence grows.  Many women find it hard to proceed once they reach the point where their nipples will be exposed but not to worry, there is a simple solution to this, nipple pasties!  If you are not sure you are going to be comfortable with your nipples exposed, be sure to bring a pair of sexy nipple pasties along with you to the rally.  With a pair of nipple pasties on, you’ll be surprised had how far down you will be pulling that zipper and before long you’ll likely be walking about with your leather top wide open.


When putting your rally apparel selection together, be sure to not under estimate how much you might be willing to show off as it’s better to be prepared and not wear something you packed than to want to wear something you left at home.  Far too often this happens and first timers end up improvising.

Also be sure to pack tops that don’t show too much off just in case your mind is playing tricks on you and once you arrive you are really not feeling as exited to bare it all.  Some great options to pack are bikini tri-tops and button up tops that can be tied at the belly.

Once You Have Arrived!

There are two schools of thought about how to immerse yourself into skin bearing aspect of an adult motorcycle rally, you can either ease yourself into it or jump in with both feet.

If your choice is the latter, setting up camp creates the perfect environment to do so.  Weather permitting, once you’ve landed your camping spot, take a quick moment to shed whatever shirt you might have worn riding in, toss on your leather riding vest and get to work setting up camp.  Working on setting up camp will keep your mind of the fact that you’re exposed and also provides an environment where you do not have to immediately engage or make eye contact with others.  By the time camp is set up you will have likely grown comfortable with your top being opened and the idea of people seeing your exposed breasts, which was the intent in the first place wasn’t it?  If you are camping with friends who have never seen you in this stage of undress, this makes for a great ice breaker as well and with any luck some of your gal friends might join in.

Once settled in, make it a point to head out and mingle a bit.  You may not yet be comfortable enough to walk amongst crowd bare breasted so this might be the perfect time for them nipple pasties or a sheer top.

It will likely not take long before you grow comfortable with your new and exciting look.  You will also soon realize that adult bike rallies are not just some big skin fest like you saw in all the photos, in fact only a small percentage of the ladies run around showing a great deal of flesh.


But if you find that you are not comfortable being quite so revealing, don’t worry, just do what feels comfortable.  Throw on your favorite tank top and go party.  If the urge hits you to be a little more revealing then you will do so, if not then you won’t.  Either way you’ll have a kick ass time at your first adult bike rally and will be eager to attend your next!

Biker Diva


Biker Diva:   A curvaceous creature of feminine persuasion who embraces the biker lifestyle, is self-assured and is confidant in her sexuality!


The often requested and long awaited plus size collection of sexy riding and rally apparel is here.  Yes, we finally did it and are happy to introduce to you our Biker Diva Collections!  Currently we offer three distinct Biker Diva collections but rest assured, there are more coming.

We have for some time offered several of our Wild Leather selections in Biker Diva sizes however, we have now provided them their very own home so shoppers no longer need to sort through all of our selections in order to find which are offered in Diva Biker sizes.



Next, we are happy to introduce our small but growing selection of ultra-sexy mini-dresses for you Biker Diva sized gals out there.  There is no cutting corners here, these mini-dresses are drop dead sexy and pay tribute to a Biker Diva’s greatest asset, her curves!



Last and certainly not least, we bring our new Biker Diva Corsets and Bustiers collection.  While there have always been a few corsets floating around the on the website, we have recently made a commitment to these wonderful garments and have opened up two Corset and Bustier collections, one covering sizes small through XL and the other covering our Biker Diva sizes 1X through 6X.  Currently there are only a few corsets and bustiers selections in this collection however, that should all change by the end of the week so keep checking back.



And there is more in store for our new Biker Diva collections.  We will continually be adding sexy new items to each of these collections.  As well, we are going to be adding additional collections in the near future, so stay tuned and check back often!

Is Your Rally Wardrobe Ready for the Laughlin River Run?

Slated as the Largest Motorcycle Event on the West Coast, this year’s 33rd Annual Laughlin River Run is about ready to kick off.  Officially, the party starts on April 22nd and runs through the weekend but many a biker will get an early jump on the festivities and begin to ascend on the small river community of Laughlin, Nevada as early as today.

Thousands upon thousands of bikers from all over the west and points afar will fill the casino parking lots and back desert roads over the 5 day period of this grand motorcycle event.  Some come to party, some come to gamble, some come to ride and some come to show off their high dollar 2 wheeled trailer queens.  But regardless of reason, they all seem to share a common passion for the biker lifestyle in whatever form it happens to take for them.

Aside from the access to cheap booze, gambling and kick ass concert series, April in Laughlin often provides some of the best weather a riders and partier could ask for and living out of a motel room instead of a tent offers the lovely ladies who attend the Laughlin River Run the opportunity to “doll it up” in their sexy riding and rally wear.  Be it on the back of their old man’s scooter or strolling through the sea of vendors, scantily clad biker babes are in abundance at the River Run.


sexy rally apparel


And while local law enforcement tries to keep a tight rein on the public displays of female flesh, those hard press to show off their wears do manage to do so.


biker chicks


Lady bikers wearing wild leather outfits is commonplace at the Laughlin River Run and can be spotted browsing the various vendors as well as strolling through the rows of bikes and occasionally you’ll run across one a biker hottie daring enough to strut around with a pair of nipple pasties on.


PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties


Be it your preference to wear a tight fitting tank top or a breast bearing sheer top, the Laughlin River Run is the place you can do so.  While there is a low tolerance for blatant nudity and tit flashing at the River Run, overall there is a pretty high tolerance for every other form of sexy attire while in the confines of the Laughlin strip and casinos.  So load up your sexy BikerCrap apparel and head on out to the Laughlin River Run!

We Do Black Friday A Little Different at

If bikers have a favorite color it is black making everyday a Black Friday on the website.

For the decade has been in business, we have made it a point to offer our sexy riding and rally apparel at the lowest prices we can and still stay in business.  This is why you rarely see a sale on the website.  Sure, we have the occasional sale on a featured item or if we are able to make a great deal on an overstock item but all in all, every day is a sale day on the website.

While we may not have a Black Friday sale, black is the theme color by default, it is a biker site for heaven’s sake!  We’ve been bringing in color over time but our core collections, the Wild Leather collection and the Sexy Riding and Rally Wear collection are packed full of biker black items to fill your wardrobe with.

For example, here are some of our mainstay items in our Sexy Riding and Rally Wear collection:

ALSBA014 EMSBA054 EMSBA07120130919_BodyZone Shoot

As you can see, black is a definite theme on, the biker babes demand it and we do our best to supply what they want.

You can get any color sexy riding apparel you wish from our Wild Leather collection as long as it is black.  There are over 100 eye popping and heart pounding leather items to choose from in this collection all offered at our every-day  Black Friday prices.

And we’ve got plenty of Little Black Dresses!


You have probably gotten the idea by now that black is a theme on the website.  But if you enjoy a splash of color in your rally apparel, there is still plenty to choose from.

No, you won’t see any Black Friday banners or advertisement plastered across the pages of the BikerCrap website but don’t let that fool you.  Stop and check out the everyday low prices on the hottest riding and rally apparel you’ll find on the internet.

PAS-TiTS Continue to Gain Popularity

For a decade, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been confined to the biker community, but word has leaked out and now they are seen everywhere!

It’s not just breast baring biker babes who are wearing PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties these days, they can be spotted at every adult oriented event across the nation and abroad.  PAS-TiTS are still the dominate force in nipple pasties worn at all major motorcycle events and adult biker rallies but as of late have been growing that same dominance at events such as Fantasy Fest and Burning Man.


PAS-TiTS still makes their home on the website but they have found their way on the breasts of women ranging from business professionals and college coeds to strippers and grade school teachers. PAS-TiTS have been spotted gracing the globes of Playboy Playmates and have been worn by some of the biggest adult film starts, including cougar porn queens Sally D’Angelo and Rita Daniels.


The secret to the success of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties is really no secret at all.  Since being introduced a decade ago, the owners of PAS-TiTS have lived buy two simple rules.  First, provide a superior product at a fair price and second, provide the highest level of customer service possible because, if you can’t provide quality customer service, you do not deserve customers!

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are now moving into their second decade and the future looks bright.  In general, the popularity of nipple covers is growing in leaps and bounds with more women discovering the freedom nipple pasties provide them and the number of venues women wear nipple pasties continues to grow.  For PAS-TiTS, having broken out of  its biker community shell, business will grow right along with rest of the nipple cover industry, the difference being, PAS-TiTS will be the leader.

Its roots are in the biker community and to that community PAS-TiTS owes a debt of gratitude as without the free spirited nature of those biker chicks, PAS-TiTS would not be the dominant force in the nipple pasties industry that it is today!


What to Wear to an Adult Motorcycle Rally

Labeling an event as “adult” typically insinuates that the behavior of those in attendance may be of a mature nature and nudity is acceptable.

Motorcycle rallies are no exception and those that are promoted as being “adult” are likely to have an abundance of people in attendance dress in various stages of undress.  And while you can expect to see bare skin at an adult motorcycle rally, they are not all the same.  Some adult motorcycle rallies are wilder and some are tamer, what people choose to wear or not wear typically follows suite.

Many motorcycle rallies that are billed as “adult” are far more mild than wild.  By claiming adult status however, the organizers do not have to deal with the “family” biker that insists on dragging their brood of children along for the ride.  These milder rallies have their share of nudity but are not as “in your face” than might be experienced at less subdued adult rallies.  Nudity is more often in the form of playful titty flashing and is more likely to be seen at the campsite than vendor row.  Most of the pretty ladies that are seen strolling around these rallies remain clothed in jeans, daisy dukes, tank tops and an occasional bikini top or two but all in all, most women at this types of adult rallies remain reasonably well covered.


There are a number of great adult biker rallies across the nation that embraces more of a Woodstock feel.  The apparel worn by the ladies at these types of rallies varies widely ranging from jeans and a tank top to a thong and a smile.  At these more earthy feeling rallies you are much more likely to encounter a free spirited biker lady enjoying the feeling of being topless more than you’ll find lady bikers running around and sexy outfits carefully selected to best exploit their breasts and booty.


Last, there are those off the hook adult motorcycle rallies where those in attendance have one thing in mind, to get naked and party!   During the daylight hours you’ll encounter large numbers of biker babes walking and riding around in their favorite tight pair of jeans and triangle bikini tops.  Biker chicks just love triangle bikini tops as they make it easy for them to flash their boobs.  Nipple pasties are quite common at these types of adult rallies as well but rarely stay on for long.  Fishnet tops and booty shorts are also a favorite with the ladies.  Basically any form of sexy apparel that provides their fellow bikers with a clear view of what they want to show off you’ll find at these adult motorcycle rallies.  And as the day progresses into night, the level of undress often increases and for many of these hard partiers, a birthday suite is all they will end up having on!


Regardless what your taste is in adult style motorcycle rallies, one thing that you can be certain of is that no matter what you choose to wear or not wear, you will be amongst like-minded friends!