What Will You Be Wearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

What Will You Be Wearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

If you are one of the biker ladies heading to Sturgis this year, chances are you’ve got a little bit more planned than a just riding and partying with friends. For tens of thousands of lady bikers across the nation, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally provides an opportunity unlike any other event hosted throughout the year.  Leaving their main stream societal expectations at home along with their inhibitions, they’ll pack their saddlebags with an arsenal of sexy rally apparel they plan to wear out in front of the public eye.  For some of these ladies, they dare to wear things at the Sturgis Rally they wouldn’t think of wearing even in the privacy of their own home.  But for one week, they get to transform themselves into that free spirited someone they dream about the other 51. What might be considered conservative by Sturgis standards, is a micro-miniskirt accompanied with fishnet stockings and a seductive pair of high thigh leather boots.  Lady bikers adorned in sexy apparel such as this are not an uncommon site to see roaming through the various vendor booths up and down the streets of downtown Sturgis.

Some rally going ladies fancy a more glamorous look.  A provocative outfit consisting of lace panties coupled with stockings and a garter, finished off with a pair of stiletto heeled boots may not be the wardrobe of choice for every biker chick attending the Sturgis Rally but for those who enjoy the thrill of public exhibitionism, this look is just what the doctor ordered.  They can’t forget the body paint on the boobs though, those nips need to be covered to the law man from hooking them up!


Cropped vests are real popular at the Sturgis Rally and lady bikers with large breasts seem especially drawn to the open front type.  This style allows them to show off a little extra skin.  Many of the ladies who ride to the rally face a storage space dilemma and are often forced to leave their favorite sexy leather top at home.  As an alternative to their vest left behind, many seek out the artistic skills of the local body painter to help them get their sexy on!
Despite a woman’s love for her favorite denim skirt, there is no denying that amongst the Sturgis crowd, they are pretty vanilla. So for the ladies that remain loyal to their cherished denim but still want to stand out in the crowd, they have to go bold or go home.  Going topless most defenatly scores high on the boldness scale and without a doubt would draw attention their way.  Sticking on a pair of nipple pasties is a necessity with this bold look as bare nipples cannot be exposed in public at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

And of course, a slow putt right down the middle of downtown Sturgis has always been a favorite pastime for thousands of biker chicks who want to strut their stuff!

So, what will you be wearing to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have Celebrity Status

The tens of thousands who have worn PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties over the years are pretty much your standard everyday working class women and stay at home moms. These wonderful ladies are what drives the demand for PAS-TiTS.  They do not appear on the covers of magazines nor are they on the big screen, they are however, the heart of sole of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties and the most important asset to the success of the PAS-TiTS business.

Over the years, a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have however fallen into the hands (or should we say on to the breasts) of a celebrity or two which of course is always nice to see and gives PAS-TiTS a bit of bragging rights.

One of the earliest PAS-TiTS celebrity sightings took place at the 2007 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Seeing the occasional biker babe walking around wearing a pair of nipple pasties is nothing new at the Sturgis Rally and those wearing the PAS-TiTS brand have always been in great abundance during the week-long event.  But in 2007 the rally goers were given a very special treat with none other than the lovely Miss Debbi Davids winning the Miss Sturgis Crown that year.  Miss Davids spent the greater part of the week promoting herself while wearing little more than booty shorts and a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple pasties.  One can’t help but believe that the exposure she received during her countless appearances all over the city played some small part in her being recognized by the folks over at Playboy Magazine which of course led to countless magazine spreads videos and the coveted Playboy Playmate of the Month spot.  Miss Davids became the returning Miss Sturgis in 2008 and again, attended many promotional events, breasts adorned with a pair of PAS-TiTS nipple pasties.





Next there is the mega buxom blond who back in June of 2013 was named the Dice Chick of the Month.  Often seen with nothing more than a pair of PAS-TiTS nipple pastes atop her gargantuan K-Cup breasts, the self-made celebrity known in the realm of head bangers and metal band aficionados as METAL, had a regular gig in Las Vegas and has made appearances at large social gatherings in the west, often brandishing those big guns of hers along with a pair of PAS-TiTS to keep it all legal!




Anyone who follows the adult film scene and especially those with a fondness for big breasted Cougars, they are already well acquainted with Sally D’Angelo. For those who are not, take a quick browse through her website and introduce yourself!

There is no holding back this smoking hot lady who at the age of 62 is at the top of her game. Sally is still busting out new films and in true cougar fashion is often on set giving an adult education to two guys (and yes sometimes girls) half her age, at the same time.   Considering Sally does her best work in the buff, one would think a lovely lady in her profession would have little need for nipple pasties however, she does make many public appearance which require her to keep certain aspects of her business out of the public eye.  In those instances where she is prohibited from showing her areolas, Sally is often found coving up with a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.



Lady Bikers Let Their Hair Down at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Lady Bikers Let Their Hair Down at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Each year tens of thousands of women from across that nation experience an incredible transformation during a week-long vacation of sorts, one void of children, bosses and inhibitions. The vacation spot?  None other than the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Some arrive in cars while other come in RVs but the vast majority of these ladies of the wind roll in to town riding an iron horse, some atop their personal bitch seat and others piloting their own two and sometimes three wheels. For a great many, this is there week to escape from watchful eyes and rules that govern there adapted social behavior.  For the few days they spend at the Sturgis Rally, their hair is down and caution is thrown to the wind.

For some of these women, part of their weeklong liberation is being able to shed their executive assistant and soccer mom personas and slip into a sexier skin.  And in the final months before the rally you’ll find many of them surfing the net in search of sexy tops and other apparel to spice up both their ride and rally experience.


No place on earth will you see more ladies wearing leather than at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  From chaps with booty shorts to lace up crop tops and corsets.  On the streets of Sturgis sexy leather apparel is in abundance in every direction you look.


Some of the biker women who attend the Sturgis Motor Rally let their hair down a little further than others. Pushing public decency ordinances right to their limit, those ladies that are least inhibited are often spotted out strutting their stuff wearing little more to cover their breasts than a fence net top and a pair of nipple pasties.  A mini skirt or booty shorts is a common sight during the Sturgis Rally as well, both on and off the bike!


Well in excess of a half million bikers head to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year, so it is no surprise that webstores that specialize in sexy riding and rally apparel, such as the BikerCrap.com website, experience a boon in business through the month of July as ladies shop for daring little outfits to wear during their vacation away from adulthood.

Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

With the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in their sights, thousands of lady bikers across the country are pondering the idea of nipple pasties.

If you happen to be one of those that are considering wearing nipple pasties in public for the first time, there truly is no better place than Sturgis to pop your nipple pasties cherry.  Where else on earth will you find yourself walking amongst tens of thousands of like-minded people that all feel like friends?  That’s one of the great attributes of the Sturgis rally and the biker community in general for the matter, they both provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can let your hair down and express yourself in just about any way you wish, even if just for a week.


Take Little Steps

If the thought of wearing nipple pasties in public is in your head, it’s not going to go away until you experience the freedom for yourself.  But you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump all in.  Take little steps to get yourself started and work your way to what-ever your ultimate nipple pasties wearing goal is.

For some first timers, the crowded sidewalks of downtown Main Street Sturgis may be a source of apprehension. If that’s your case, a better way to make your nipple pasties debut maybe on the back of a motorcycle.  Just slip on something that will let you show off your nipple pasties covered breasts, like a fence net top, then saddle up for a putt down Main Street.



Walking Amongst the Bikers

After experiencing the thrill of riding down Main Street in your sheer top and nipple pasties, chances are you will have grown comfortable and possibly even eager to take the next step.  That’s right, it’s time to park the bike and mingle amongst the biker people.  Two words of caution however, before you take the plunge.  First, be prepared to have your picture taken ….. a lot!  And second, don’t be alarmed by the hair standing up on your arms as you step into the crowd, that’s just you mind anticipating experiencing an excitement like no other you have before.



Top, We Don’t Need No Stinking Top!

Unlike most cities that play host to large motorcycle events, Sturgis has very liberal public nudity laws.  While women are prohibited from showing their nipples in public, they can be topless so long as their nipples and areolas are covered.  And the result of this liberal policy, scores of nipple pasties wearing veterans on the streets of Sturgis each year.  And the number continues to grow as more and more newcomers are trading in their tops for a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.  Maybe you’ll be next!



Over a Decade of Redwood Runs for BikerCrap.com

It was just over a decade ago that we attended our first Redwood Run. Little did we know then what this rally would become to us.

Since that first year, the camp shared by two couples that were barely an acquaintance to one another has grown into a large biker family who ride in from far and near to share this special weekend with one another. It’s an annual reunion of sorts and those that for one reason or another fail to make it are always dearly missed but never forgotten.


First There Were Four

Ironically enough, it was through one of the earliest post on the CycleFish.com forum that we learned of a couple who, like us, were looking for another couple in Southern California to ride out to the Redwood Run with.  Little did we know at the time that we were actually exchanging messages with the website’s owners Lucky and Laura.

Arrangements were made and the four of us to meet for the first time at the annual West Coast Thunder Memorial Day event after which we hauled the two of them down to our local watering hole so we could get better acquainted over a few beers. We became instant friends and a month later, with or bikes loaded to the hilt, together we made the 700 mile trek north to attend our first Redwood Run.  That was 2004, before the BikerCrap.com website was even launched.  And since that time, with few exceptions, the four of us have been attending the Redwood Run together every year.  We even camp at the same spot!



Camp Grew Bigger

Where only two bikes first parked, over the years the number grew to as many as a dozen or more not to mention those that caged it to the rally and hauled their gear down the hill. More biker friends rode up with us each year and we made many new friends along the way who came and joined us.  Our original campsite also became ground zero for the rapidly growing number of bikers who met through CycleFish.com.  Members of the motorcycle social networking site drift in and out of our camp throughout the weekend.



We Were There for the Wedding

They were not the first Redwood Run couple to turn a weekend fling into long term romance (the All 60’s Style hookup of 06 is still alive and well) but the love that blossomed between Big Dog Ray and Sexy Susan in 2013 was sealed up on the Redwood Run stage, before hundreds of biker friends, the following year.  Lucky, from CycleFish.com was the acting wedding coordinator and staged a procession of bikes that escorted the bride from camp down to the pit.  It was a Redwood Run wedding in the truest sense!



We Missed the Party This Year

Unfortunately we were unable to attend the Redwood Run this year but rumor has it the party went on despite the absence of BikerCrap.com representation.  Inside sources tell us that this year’s turnout was up and the regular crew we camp and party with looked to have a good showing as well although it appears many ignored the memo on when the group photo was to be taken.



We’ll Be There for the 40th

Don’t believe the rumors people, we have it on excellent authority that there will in fact be a 40th Annual Redwood Run so keep an eye out for breaking news on the event.  We’re already making plans to be there and we hope you are too!


What to Look for When Shopping for Nipple Pasties

How complicated can it be, they are just nipple pasties right? For the novice nipple pasties wearer it may be easy but for the inexperienced and first time wearers maybe not so much.  There is a great deal more to a pair of nipple pasties than what meets the eye.  Let’s take a look.

Size Matters
In most cases nipple pasties are worn as a means to keep it legal and at the same exposing ones breasts.  This means that the areola must be covered.  The tendency is to pick a pair of nipple pasties that covers as little as possible but the wearer must take in to consideration the total cover area of the style they are selecting.  While certain styles, such as hands, may appear large enough at first glance, the areola often peaks out in between the digits which could be in violation of local obscenity laws as well as not being very attractive.  It is always best to verify the “cover area” dimension of any new style of nipple pasties being purchased.


Hitting the Water
Nipple pasties are a big hit on lakes and rivers across the country as well as at backyard pool parties making it imperative that they hold up to the rigors of frolicking about in water.  The top nipple pasties manufacturers describe their products resistance to water in their product description.  Those that don’t fail to do so for a reason.


Say No to Decals
Sadly there are a large number of mom and pop shops passing off decals and nipple pasties.  Caution, they are not the same.  The adhesives used for decals are harsh and not intended for use on human skin.  This includes the double sided sticker sheets that can be purchased from most any hobby store.  The use of these hobby products unfortunately has become commonplace with many who offer their substandard as well as unsafe product through sales portals such as eBay and Amazon.  When selecting a pair of nipple pasties purchase only from manufactures that clearly state they use medical grade adhesives.  The use of anything less is unsafe and at the very least could cause skin irritation or at the worst could set off a major skin reaction that results in a visit to the hospital.


Made in USA
Nipple pasties that are manufactured in the United States are getting more difficult to find as low cost Chinese products have flooded the market.  Support US manufactures by always checking for the Made in USA logo or other indicators where they were manufactured.


Yes, there are a number of things to consider before taking the plunge into nipple pasties nirvana but in the end, doing so will pay off by the weeding out the less desirable sources and rising nipple pasties manufactures such as PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties to the top.

Summertime is PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties Time

Summer officially kicks off in just one week which means the weather will be heating up and the nipple pasties will be coming out!


That’s right, at beaches, bars and bike rallies across the nation free spirited ladies will be opting out of wearing their tops and instead, sticking on a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties to keep themselves legal.


It makes no difference if it is power boaters on the lake, biker babes at a motorcycle rally or bikini clad chicks at a back yard pool party one think you can count on when the warm weather hits is thousands of woman will be shedding their tops and cover up just what they need to in order to keep it legal with a pair of nipple pasties.

So don’t be left out of the party, head on over to the BikerCrap.com website and pick yourself up a few pairs of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties to wear to your next wild soiree.  Even if you don’t have plans to attend such an event at the moment, it is always safe to have a pair or two handy just in case as you never know when the opportunity to wear a pair might arise!