Mini Skirts, Booty Shorts and Bike Rallies!

Booty shorts and mini-skirts are a big part of the biker culture, worn by many who attend and work the motorcycle bike rally scene.

What do mini-skirts and booty shorts have in common with bike rallies?  Everything!

To the mainstream motorcycle enthusiast, booty shorts and mini-skirts are likely not apparel items found loaded in the tour pack of their Honda Gold Wind, but for those rally going biker babes their favorite pair of butt hugging micro shorts is probably packed in an easy reach spot in their T-bag, ready to slip on the moment they arrive at the rally!  Booty short and mini-skirts are synonymous with motorcycle events both large and small, worn by attendees and beer tub girls alike.

Booty Shorts and Leather Chaps
No doubt one of the hottest sights to see walking down the street at any bike rally is a fine looking biker babe wearing her well fitted leather chaps, riding boots and a pair of cheek hugging booty shorts.  This sexy fashion ensemble is often tied together with a form fitting tank top and little else.  If you have ever attended any large motorcycle rally, such as Sturgis or Daytona Bike Week, you have no doubt spotted more than one chaps and booty shorts clad woman strutting her way down Main Street!


Ditch the Tight Jeans and Put on that Mini Skirt
Those ladies that attend the more intimate style bike rallies are usually quick to get out of their tight fitting riding jeans and into their weekend party wear!  These rallies are dress-up time for many of these ladies and a favorite amongst many of them is the micro mini-skirt.  Micro mini-skirts come in a wide variety of colors, styles and even lengths.  There is the play on the classic Catholic School girl skirt, usually just short enough give a peek of their butt cheeks and to the other extreme the is the apron skirt which, as the name implies wears like an apron and it void of a back!  Most micro mini-skirts fit someplace in between these two examples and are most defiantly a welcome site at any self respecting adult bike event!


Babes Behind the Bar

Another proud tradition of bike rallies are the beer tub girls who keep everyone’s thirst quenched while at the same time providing patrons with a little visual stimulation.  These gals work their butts off during rally season, running from one event to the next, serving up beers to the onslaught of bikers that roll in to town.  These ladies work for tips and so they dress for success often wearing very short mini-skirts or well fitted booty shorts along with whatever breast enhancing top they have found fills the tip jar the best.


Whether they are worn by a biker babe or a beer wench, there is no doubt that booty shorts and mini-skirts are as much a part of the biker lifestyle as is leather and riding boots.


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