Nipple Pasties – A Safe Way to Bare Your Breasts in Public

Women who enjoy the feeling and freedom of being near topless can both find and create safe and publically acceptable opportunities to do so. 

Different than those groups who are active in the fight for the rights of women to be topless in public, there is a larger and ever growing number of women who enjoy the feeling and freedom of being topless when attending certain adult minded events that take place in public venues.  Understanding that there are public nudity laws and not wishing to violate them, these women have found that wearing nipple pasties provides the perfect balance between being topless while staying within the law.

That’s not to say that a woman can walk down a public street wearing nothing more than a pair of nipple pasties on her breasts, as most cities have public nudity ordinances that are a bit more restrictive to women than just having their nipples and areolas covered however, circumstance and common sense will, more often than not, dictate when and where it is appropriates and acceptable for a woman to wear nipple pasties in public.

Most beaches do not allow public nudity yet many are tolerant to topless women who wear nipple pasties to cover their areolas.  Quite honestly, a modest bikini bottom and a pair of nipple pasties in most cases provides significantly more coverage than many of the micro thong bikinis worn by a number of women today.  Pay to attend outdoor summer music festivals are often very tolerant of women wearing nipple pasties while any venue that is open to the general public is not as likely to find the wearing of nipple pasties acceptable.  Doing so might get you a ticket or something worse.  Mardi Gras parades and various publically held adult orientated festivals encourage people to participate.  These types of events often attract a number of topless women whose bare breasts are covered with nothing more than an attractive pair of nipple pasties.

There is also those that enjoy the more erotic aspect of being semi-exposed in public and who are always seeking out new and creative ways to achieve the excitement they experience from doing so.  A dress-up night on the town wearing a favorite pant suit, less the blouse, will defiantly stimulation the senses.  Add a pair of nipple pasties to cover the more intimate parts along with a well placed safety pin to keep the jacket closed just enough and you have an outfit that is both playful and provocative.  Many women find it exhilarating to feel several pairs of lust filled eyes upon them as they casually stop to window shop or pause for a moment to take in their surroundings, allowing those with the right vantage point to take in the full exposure of their nipple pasties covered breasts.  There are also many high traffic public areas where women can be far less subtle and blend into the crowd wearing a lose fitting sheer or semi-sheer blouse with a pair of nipple pasties, a look definitely will command considerable attention.

No matter what the reason, the desire or the circumstance, there are plenty of safe and sane ways that a woman can enjoy the feeling of near toplessness in the eye of the public.  Taking care and consideration to the surrounding and those in it, a well planned day or evening that includes a pair of nipple pasties can be exciting, erotic and very memorable.


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