Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

With the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in their sights, thousands of lady bikers across the country are pondering the idea of nipple pasties.

If you happen to be one of those that are considering wearing nipple pasties in public for the first time, there truly is no better place than Sturgis to pop your nipple pasties cherry.  Where else on earth will you find yourself walking amongst tens of thousands of like-minded people that all feel like friends?  That’s one of the great attributes of the Sturgis rally and the biker community in general for the matter, they both provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can let your hair down and express yourself in just about any way you wish, even if just for a week.


Take Little Steps

If the thought of wearing nipple pasties in public is in your head, it’s not going to go away until you experience the freedom for yourself.  But you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump all in.  Take little steps to get yourself started and work your way to what-ever your ultimate nipple pasties wearing goal is.

For some first timers, the crowded sidewalks of downtown Main Street Sturgis may be a source of apprehension. If that’s your case, a better way to make your nipple pasties debut maybe on the back of a motorcycle.  Just slip on something that will let you show off your nipple pasties covered breasts, like a fence net top, then saddle up for a putt down Main Street.



Walking Amongst the Bikers

After experiencing the thrill of riding down Main Street in your sheer top and nipple pasties, chances are you will have grown comfortable and possibly even eager to take the next step.  That’s right, it’s time to park the bike and mingle amongst the biker people.  Two words of caution however, before you take the plunge.  First, be prepared to have your picture taken ….. a lot!  And second, don’t be alarmed by the hair standing up on your arms as you step into the crowd, that’s just you mind anticipating experiencing an excitement like no other you have before.



Top, We Don’t Need No Stinking Top!

Unlike most cities that play host to large motorcycle events, Sturgis has very liberal public nudity laws.  While women are prohibited from showing their nipples in public, they can be topless so long as their nipples and areolas are covered.  And the result of this liberal policy, scores of nipple pasties wearing veterans on the streets of Sturgis each year.  And the number continues to grow as more and more newcomers are trading in their tops for a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.  Maybe you’ll be next!




Nipple Pasties are Popular at Motorcycle Rallies

Bikers flock to motorcycle rallies for a number of reasons including checking out the sexy biker chicks strutting around in nipple pasties.

At motorcycle events and rallies both large and small, it is becoming more and more common to see those sexy lady bikers out and about with no more than a pair of nipple pasties covering their breast. Over the past decade, wearing nipple pasties in public venues has become a growing trend and to the delight of both those lovely ladies who wear them and the adoring bikers who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these near bare breasted biker babes, the towns that play host to many of these motorcycle rallies have become topless tolerant so long as the women keep their nipple covered.

Not every public motorcycle event is as easy going as events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Reno Street Vibes and Las Vegas BikeFest but more and more are becoming so. At these events it is quite common to encounter a nipple pasties clad lady biker freely roaming the sidewalks and businesses, you’ll even catch the occasional motorcycle mama perched on the back of a bike rolling down the highway.

At motorcycle events where the public display of nipple pasties is not permitted, you are still likely to find a nipple pasties wearing biker chick or two raising the roof inside one of the popular watering holes.

With the growing popularity of nipple pasties so grows the number of nipple pasties to choose from and while every biker chick has her favorite, by overwhelming majority, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been the bikers choice. This comes as no surprise as PAS-TiTS have their roots in the motorcycle community. For their first five years in existence, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties were sold exclusively on the website so it stands to reason that the majority of those purchasing were lady bikers along with a few outside the motorcycle community that happened to stumble on to the website. And those lovely PAS-TiTS wearing biker ladies wore their nipple pasties proudly.


Still the most widely recognized nipple pasties at motorcycle rallies across the nation, PAS-TiTS have also gained tremendous popularity throughout the nipple pasties wearing community over the past several years. You just can’t keep a good thing a secret forever!

Motorcycle Rally Biker Babes That Ride Their Own

Few who ride will disagree that there is just something exceptionally hot about a lady biker who rides her own.

Anyplace you ride these days you are certain to encounter these lady riders who have traded in a bitch pad for their own throttle to twist.  You’ll see them riding their own at poker runs, bike nights and virtually anyplace you will find other bikers riding but no place is as visually exciting to catch these ladies riding their own than at a motorcycle rally!

Motorcycle rallies are a playground for bikers, a place where they get to let their hair down and even show off a little if they so choose.  For many of these “ride their own” biker babes, motorcycle rallies are the place where they can embrace the freedom of being a biker and take in the full feel of the wind over their bodies.


At major motorcycle rallies across the nation, sexy biker chicks are always in abundance and can be seen proudly piloting their own iron horses up and down the boulevard.  If you time it just right, you can capture one of these fine creatures stopped at an intersection, but don’t wait too long to snap a picture as these gals can put the hammer down with the best of them and will be nothing but a memory when the light goes green.


Adult motorcycle rallies pose a unique problem for the biker babe who rides her own yet also wants to comply with the onlookers chants to “Show Your Tits”.   As she cannot lift her top and safely ride at the same time she will have to compromise and just ride with her top pulled up over her boobs!


Other adult rally going biker chicks take a slightly different approach to the titty flashing while riding dilemma.  Always putting safety first, astute lady riders simply ride topless!


Biker chicks that ride their own without a doubt have staked their claim in the realm of bikers and without a doubt can hold their own.  The fact that these babes on two and three wheels look so good doing it is just frosting on the cake.

Those Wild Lady Bikers and Their Sexy Motorcycle Rally Apparel

During the warmer months of the year, motorcycle rallies take place across the country which attract lady bikers who love to dress in sexy apparel.

All it takes is for the temperatures to warm up enough to shed the winter layer and the biker chicks start breaking out their sexy tops and rally apparel. Unlike what they might wear on a poker run or a day out bar hopping with friends, the biker babes that like to live it up and party like a porn star at the various adult motorcycle rallies across the nation have a whole different idea in mind when it comes to what they want to wear.

It’s their chance to show off their man magnets and knowing that their breasts are going to be the center of all the biker boy’s attention plays heavily into their rally apparel selection. Sheer tops that clearly show their ample breast and nipples are a favorite amongst this fun loving group of lady bikers. For many of these free spirited gals the sheerer the top the better as it is their intention to provide those that wish to look the most clear an unobstructed view of their boobs as possible.
Adult biker rallies are packed full with sexy biker babes that love to wear the type of rally apparel that bares their nipples as well as there are just as many that simply go topless allowing all in attendance full view of their exposed breast. However, there are also those who would rather keep their nipples covered and will opt to wear a pair of nipple pasties under their favorite sheer top.

Sexy leather is always a winner when worn by a smoking hot biker babe. Not as revealing as a sheer top but a girl does have to have something to wear when she rides in to town for a beer and ice run. And one thing is near certain, any biker chick with the confidence to wear a skimpy little leather booty short and top outfit riding down the highway is just as likely to shed her leather and take a naked lap or two around the rally site once they get the beer iced down!

So where do these fun loving, adult rally going biker babes go to find their naughty rally apparel? Many of them click on over to Unlike no other biker apparel store on or off the net, truly offers what lady bikers love to wear to adult motorcycle rallies including sheer tops, a full line of sexy leather apparel of a wide selection of nipple pasties!

A Few Reasons Biker’s Love Motorcycle Rallies

For those of you that have been thinking of attending your first motorcycle rally, her are a few reasons that might help you make up your mind.


Notably one of the most prevalent items at every motorcycle rally are biker chicks of all ages, shapes and walks of life that get to play dress-up. Motorcycle rallies, especially those free of children, provide a venue for the lady bikers to let down their corporate hair or shed their domestic goddess apron and express themselves in any way they wish. For some, letting might mean something as modest as going braless wearing a tight tank top amongst the masses while for others it means it might mean wearing a thing and getting their body painted. Most rally going biker chick fall someplace in between but each has their own unique individual. There is always an abundance of very sexy looking biker babes at motorcycle rallies and the ladies enjoy dressing up and being looked at just as much as the men enjoy looking at them.



The biker community is made up of the most diverse group of people, more so than any other community of people you will ever find. Similar to the executive secretary that swaps her $300 skirt suit in for her favorite pair of torn jeans and nipple showing cami top, most that attend motorcycle rallies leave their professional personas at home and take advantage of the motorcycle rally atmosphere which provides them the freedom to express themselves in virtually any manner they wish knowing that they will not be judge and more likely will be applauded.



It isn’t a motorcycle rally without music and many attend these rallies to do nothing more than listen to the bands and dance. Most motorcycle rallies kick up the musical entertainment about mid-afternoon and bands will plan continuous into the wee hours of the morning. The super rallies often have big name bands while the earthier biker style rallies will headline more local talents that play the biker circuit. Either way, as long as there is music, bikers will come.


While it is not the primary reason bikers attend motorcycle rallies, there is not a biker around that dose not admire about every motorcycle he or she has ever passed. Some of the larger rallies bring in the big dollar custom bike shops that build motorcycle that will never see pavement outside of a parking lot. While this does it for some folks it seems that the majority of rally goers are more excited to see a bike pieced together with the blood sweat and personal creativity of the guy or biker chick that road the motorcycle through the gates. These are the true bikes and you can’t help but spend some time admiring all the hard work that goes into their daily riders.


No self-respecting motorcycle rally is not without at least one wet t-shirt contest. At the large super rallies, like Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week, multiple bars and other businesses will play host to their own wet-t shirt contests. If you plan your day right you can participate in or spectate at several wet-t contests during your stay. Most of the smaller, adult style motorcycle rallies host only one wet t-shirt contest and are usually pretty strict on not letter ringers (professional models) crash the party and take the cash prize. The regular biker crowd, while they do not seem to mind looking at a sexy little hard body strutting her stuff, seem to appreciate a real biker chick up on stage, regardless of age or number of kids they may have had, it’s just a biker thing. The wet t-shirt contest is always one of the highlight of a great bike rally.
To summarize, a motorcycle rally is a culmination of good bands, biker chicks running around in leather chaps and nipple pasties, cold beer, bad ass bikes and wet t-shirt contests all wrapped together in once common location, but what really makes a great motorcycle rally is the brother and sisterhood. You may arrive not knowing anyone, but when you leave a bike rally, you’re going to have hundreds of new friends for life!

Riding Sexy Year Round

Some biker chicks are as dedicated as the postman and will let no weather, foul or otherwise keep them from wearing their sexy riding apparel.

No biker cares much for the cold winter months especially those that live in parts of the country where the weather is so severe that the bike is laid up for several months. In other parts of the country winter riding may be curtailed to the daylight hours when the warmth of the sun keeps the mercury in a tolerable riding range. And of course there are those areas such a Florida and Southern California were riding is a year round affair with weather that is often good enough the lady riders can continue to wear their sexy riding apparel.

Of course summer is the favorite time of year for bikers who often find themselves spending every moment they can riding the back roads and relaxing at their favorite biker stops. These are also the months that are most cherished by the motorcycle rally loving lady riders. These biker chicks take advantage of any warm weather opportunity they can that allows them to slip on their favorite sheer top and party like a porn star.

Sexy riding apparel is not limited to just the warm summer months as the cooler spring and fall weather still affords plenty of opportunities for those lady riders to get out and dress to impress. They may need to cover in a layer of leather and maybe even a sweater, but upon arrival to their destination they can shed those layers and reveal what lies beneath. It could be a sheer top or maybe something even more revealing, whatever their choice is they’ll not let the cooler weather put a damper on what they choose to wear.

There are those hard core riders that do brave the cold winter weather but even the most dedicated of skin bearing biker babes knows when it time to pass on the sexy riding apparel and layer up in warm cotton tops, sweaters and a hardy leather jacket. But that does not mean the final destination might not be warm and so the most dedicated of partiers will keep something sexy to slip on, packed on the bike just in case!

Hurry Back Summer, We Want To Rally!

For some states, winter weather is just too cold to ride while others, bikers can leather up and ride year around.  But you can’t rally in the winter!

Most bikers will capitalize on any opportunity they can to ride, be it cold, warm, sunny or even a bit on the rainy side.  It’s the opportunity to meld in with the elements that is, at least in part, the reason many bikers ride.  And while different seasons provide different offerings to the ride and the rider, it is only in the summer months that their favorite motorcycle rallies take place.

Different types of rallies draw different groups of bikers depending on their particular liking.  Some enjoy that major rallies, the week-long events that draw tens of thousands of motorcyclists from all of the country while others like the smaller, more back woods types of rallies.  No matter what your particular liking is, there is a rally for pretty much everyone.

While biker rallies may vary in size and participation the three things that are constant to every rally is the abundance of cold beer, hot biker chicks and good times.



The Sturgis motorcycle rally is the Grand Daddy of them all and attracts participants from all corners of the US as well as Canada and even riders from abroad.  There is dozens of places to ride and plenty to do while at Sturgis but by far on the biggest past times is checking out the hot biker babes that find the best way to beat the heat by wearing as little as possible.  Bikini tops and tight tank tops are the norm at Sturgis but you’ll find no shortage of sexy biker babes sporting a tight pair of booty shorts and a pair of nipple pasties.



There is no denying that there are good times to be had and plenty of skin showing biker babes that the major motorcycle rallies, but for the real free spirits, nothing beats an old school, adult biker rally held out in the back woods away from the public eye.



Held almost exclusively in the summer months and for good reason, many a biker babe, and a few bros as well, like to peel it off and run around half naked.  Cold beer and the hot sun, along with a little encouragement of their fellow rally goers is about all that is needed to talk a good number of the biker chicks in attendance out of their tops for the day and on into the evening.



Yup, bikers really do love their summer weather.  Riding in a bikini top beats a heavy leather jacket any day and those wild biker rallies just wouldn’t be same in the cold of the winter.