What Will You Be Wearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

What Will You Be Wearing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

If you are one of the biker ladies heading to Sturgis this year, chances are you’ve got a little bit more planned than a just riding and partying with friends. For tens of thousands of lady bikers across the nation, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally provides an opportunity unlike any other event hosted throughout the year.  Leaving their main stream societal expectations at home along with their inhibitions, they’ll pack their saddlebags with an arsenal of sexy rally apparel they plan to wear out in front of the public eye.  For some of these ladies, they dare to wear things at the Sturgis Rally they wouldn’t think of wearing even in the privacy of their own home.  But for one week, they get to transform themselves into that free spirited someone they dream about the other 51. What might be considered conservative by Sturgis standards, is a micro-miniskirt accompanied with fishnet stockings and a seductive pair of high thigh leather boots.  Lady bikers adorned in sexy apparel such as this are not an uncommon site to see roaming through the various vendor booths up and down the streets of downtown Sturgis.

Some rally going ladies fancy a more glamorous look.  A provocative outfit consisting of lace panties coupled with stockings and a garter, finished off with a pair of stiletto heeled boots may not be the wardrobe of choice for every biker chick attending the Sturgis Rally but for those who enjoy the thrill of public exhibitionism, this look is just what the doctor ordered.  They can’t forget the body paint on the boobs though, those nips need to be covered to the law man from hooking them up!


Cropped vests are real popular at the Sturgis Rally and lady bikers with large breasts seem especially drawn to the open front type.  This style allows them to show off a little extra skin.  Many of the ladies who ride to the rally face a storage space dilemma and are often forced to leave their favorite sexy leather top at home.  As an alternative to their vest left behind, many seek out the artistic skills of the local body painter to help them get their sexy on!
Despite a woman’s love for her favorite denim skirt, there is no denying that amongst the Sturgis crowd, they are pretty vanilla. So for the ladies that remain loyal to their cherished denim but still want to stand out in the crowd, they have to go bold or go home.  Going topless most defenatly scores high on the boldness scale and without a doubt would draw attention their way.  Sticking on a pair of nipple pasties is a necessity with this bold look as bare nipples cannot be exposed in public at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

And of course, a slow putt right down the middle of downtown Sturgis has always been a favorite pastime for thousands of biker chicks who want to strut their stuff!

So, what will you be wearing to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Lady Bikers Let Their Hair Down at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Lady Bikers Let Their Hair Down at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Each year tens of thousands of women from across that nation experience an incredible transformation during a week-long vacation of sorts, one void of children, bosses and inhibitions. The vacation spot?  None other than the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Some arrive in cars while other come in RVs but the vast majority of these ladies of the wind roll in to town riding an iron horse, some atop their personal bitch seat and others piloting their own two and sometimes three wheels. For a great many, this is there week to escape from watchful eyes and rules that govern there adapted social behavior.  For the few days they spend at the Sturgis Rally, their hair is down and caution is thrown to the wind.

For some of these women, part of their weeklong liberation is being able to shed their executive assistant and soccer mom personas and slip into a sexier skin.  And in the final months before the rally you’ll find many of them surfing the net in search of sexy tops and other apparel to spice up both their ride and rally experience.


No place on earth will you see more ladies wearing leather than at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  From chaps with booty shorts to lace up crop tops and corsets.  On the streets of Sturgis sexy leather apparel is in abundance in every direction you look.


Some of the biker women who attend the Sturgis Motor Rally let their hair down a little further than others. Pushing public decency ordinances right to their limit, those ladies that are least inhibited are often spotted out strutting their stuff wearing little more to cover their breasts than a fence net top and a pair of nipple pasties.  A mini skirt or booty shorts is a common sight during the Sturgis Rally as well, both on and off the bike!


Well in excess of a half million bikers head to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year, so it is no surprise that webstores that specialize in sexy riding and rally apparel, such as the BikerCrap.com website, experience a boon in business through the month of July as ladies shop for daring little outfits to wear during their vacation away from adulthood.

Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

Sturgis is a Great Place to Pop Your Nipple Pasties Cherry

With the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in their sights, thousands of lady bikers across the country are pondering the idea of nipple pasties.

If you happen to be one of those that are considering wearing nipple pasties in public for the first time, there truly is no better place than Sturgis to pop your nipple pasties cherry.  Where else on earth will you find yourself walking amongst tens of thousands of like-minded people that all feel like friends?  That’s one of the great attributes of the Sturgis rally and the biker community in general for the matter, they both provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can let your hair down and express yourself in just about any way you wish, even if just for a week.


Take Little Steps

If the thought of wearing nipple pasties in public is in your head, it’s not going to go away until you experience the freedom for yourself.  But you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump all in.  Take little steps to get yourself started and work your way to what-ever your ultimate nipple pasties wearing goal is.

For some first timers, the crowded sidewalks of downtown Main Street Sturgis may be a source of apprehension. If that’s your case, a better way to make your nipple pasties debut maybe on the back of a motorcycle.  Just slip on something that will let you show off your nipple pasties covered breasts, like a fence net top, then saddle up for a putt down Main Street.



Walking Amongst the Bikers

After experiencing the thrill of riding down Main Street in your sheer top and nipple pasties, chances are you will have grown comfortable and possibly even eager to take the next step.  That’s right, it’s time to park the bike and mingle amongst the biker people.  Two words of caution however, before you take the plunge.  First, be prepared to have your picture taken ….. a lot!  And second, don’t be alarmed by the hair standing up on your arms as you step into the crowd, that’s just you mind anticipating experiencing an excitement like no other you have before.



Top, We Don’t Need No Stinking Top!

Unlike most cities that play host to large motorcycle events, Sturgis has very liberal public nudity laws.  While women are prohibited from showing their nipples in public, they can be topless so long as their nipples and areolas are covered.  And the result of this liberal policy, scores of nipple pasties wearing veterans on the streets of Sturgis each year.  And the number continues to grow as more and more newcomers are trading in their tops for a pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties.  Maybe you’ll be next!



Biker Babes Behaving Badly

Have you ever been hanging out at your favorite watering hole trying to relax and enjoying a cold beer but back in the corner is an out of control group of biker chicks flashing their boobs, hanging on one another and making a spectacle of themselves?   If you haven’t I suggest you find a different bar!

It’s no secret that lady bikers like to let their hair down on occasion, and when I say let their hair down I mean wear revealing tops and show their boobs to anyone within an eye shot of them. It’s all in good fun and certainly enjoyable from a male spectator’s perspective.  These fun loving biker chicks just want to blow off a little steam and know exactly how to get the party started.  A couple shots of their favorite adult beverage, a few dollars in the juke box and let the gyrating begin.

Behaving badly is a contact sport at the pleasure of the onlookers, and as the number of shots accumulate so too does the amount of lady flesh that gets pressed between these free spirited lady bikers. Bras are misplaced and zippers unzipped, leaving a great deal more to see through that fishnet top and leather vest than when these biker chicks arrived.

And don’t think for a moment that any of their antics are spontaneous. These ladies were just as intentional at putting on that sheer top as they were when they purchased it from their favorite sexy riding apparel website.  It is no accident that these lady biker can so easily bare what they dare, they’ve done this before, they’re experts at having a good time!

So the next time you roll up to the biker bar and you see a group of half-naked ladies in the back corner of the bar behaving badly, you have two choices. You can jump back on your bike and leave or you can buy these fun loving lady bikers a shot and enjoy the show, the choice is yours.

BikerCrap.com Launches its 2014 Biker Photo Gallery

At the start of each year friends and customers of BikerCrap.com wait in anticipation for the launch of the new year’s Biker Photo Gallery.

This morning we opened the 2014 BikerCrap.com Biker Photo Gallery. It looks like we are off to a pretty good start with an opening salvo of eight new gallery submissions along with the start of our 2014 Bikes, Bros, and Babes collection. At the opening bell, there has been nearly 200 kick as photo submissions of bikers doing their biker thing and of course plenty of biker babe flesh to go around.

One gallery of photos was submitted by a long time customer of BikerCrap.com as you will plainly see when visiting her photo submissions. This smoldering hot biker chick loves a great motorcycle rally and when she parties she often does so wearing some of the wildest rally apparel we have on the website.

There are a few repeat offenders that have been kind enough to submit another batch of photos to the BikerCrap Biker Photo Gallery as well. Mac has been a long time contributor and has provided some of the most kick ass photos of biker chicks baring it all at some of the greatest adult motorcycle rallies in the nation.

Frank is back as well and has started this year off with a few of his incredibly hot looking Belgian Babe. We’ve grown to be friends with these two and we can all but assure you that we’ll be seeing more of Frank’s fine looking lady as the year presses on.

There is plenty more biker party and sexy biker babe photos to check out and if you are new to the BikeCrap.com Biker Photo Gallery you might want to put the kids away, grab your favorite beverage and cozy on up to your computer monitor because you might be there for a while. The BikerCrap.com Biker Photo Gallery is a collection of over a decade of real biker, party and rally submissions! And don’t be shy either, if you’ve got some kick ass biker style photos you’d care to share, just click on one of the submission links on any one of the photo gallery pages and it will whisk you away to a page that will allow you to do so, we’d be happy to share them with our fellow brother and sisters in the wind!

Nipple Pasties are Popular at Motorcycle Rallies

Bikers flock to motorcycle rallies for a number of reasons including checking out the sexy biker chicks strutting around in nipple pasties.

At motorcycle events and rallies both large and small, it is becoming more and more common to see those sexy lady bikers out and about with no more than a pair of nipple pasties covering their breast. Over the past decade, wearing nipple pasties in public venues has become a growing trend and to the delight of both those lovely ladies who wear them and the adoring bikers who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these near bare breasted biker babes, the towns that play host to many of these motorcycle rallies have become topless tolerant so long as the women keep their nipple covered.

Not every public motorcycle event is as easy going as events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Reno Street Vibes and Las Vegas BikeFest but more and more are becoming so. At these events it is quite common to encounter a nipple pasties clad lady biker freely roaming the sidewalks and businesses, you’ll even catch the occasional motorcycle mama perched on the back of a bike rolling down the highway.

At motorcycle events where the public display of nipple pasties is not permitted, you are still likely to find a nipple pasties wearing biker chick or two raising the roof inside one of the popular watering holes.

With the growing popularity of nipple pasties so grows the number of nipple pasties to choose from and while every biker chick has her favorite, by overwhelming majority, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been the bikers choice. This comes as no surprise as PAS-TiTS have their roots in the motorcycle community. For their first five years in existence, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties were sold exclusively on the BikerCrap.com website so it stands to reason that the majority of those purchasing were lady bikers along with a few outside the motorcycle community that happened to stumble on to the website. And those lovely PAS-TiTS wearing biker ladies wore their nipple pasties proudly.


Still the most widely recognized nipple pasties at motorcycle rallies across the nation, PAS-TiTS have also gained tremendous popularity throughout the nipple pasties wearing community over the past several years. You just can’t keep a good thing a secret forever!

Hot New Tops for the 2014 Rally Season

With Spring in sight, fun loving biker chicks begin to dream of the coming rally season and start to shop for hot rally tops to show off some skin in!

For those bikers that live in the cold weather climates and have had to put their scooters away for the winter, cabin fever has no doubt set in by now. The month of February is met with great optimism from these folks as they know that spring is only one more page flip on the calendar away. Of course spring launches adult motorcycle rally season and nobody is more excited for rally season to arrive than those good time sharing, breast baring biker babes who have had to curtail their flesh flashing exploits all winter.

In anticipation of those rally loving biker chicks coming out of hibernation, February is the month that BikerCrap.com starts bringing in its new inventory of sheer tops and other sexy rally apparel along with restocking many of the old favorites that have remained popular through the years. It’s a process that will last on through the month and right on into motorcycle rally season as BikerCrap.com tries to bring its customers exciting new rally apparel throughout the summer months.

BikerCrap.com has kicked off 2014 with three exciting new tops that are sure to be a hit with the more daring biker chicks.

The first is this peasant sleeve school girl top. Perfect for those hot summer motorcycle rallies this bare midriff top shows off much more than just the tummy. Made from a mesh and lace material, this very eye pleasing top provides a clear view to onlookers as to what the hot lady wearing it intends really them to see.

20130919_BodyZone Shoot
Up next for the new arrivals is another very revealing rally top. A halter design with a sexy strappy crisscross tie up that is just as easily untied in case quick removal is required. Made from a flirty floral lace that leaves little doubt as to what lies under the sheer material, this top too will no doubt be a favorite with the bicker chicks this motorcycle rally season.

And the last addition to the first round of 2014 new arrivals is this colorful mesh shrug. In most settings a shrug is an accessory garment but in the world of fun loving and titty showing biker babes, a shrug is often all the top needed to party in. For the more modest biker chicks, a matching triangle top can be added until the desired alcohol level is achieved and is no longer is a necessity.

All of these new additions come in a variety of colors so every rally going biker chick should be able to find something to their liking. And not to worry, there is plenty more motorcycle rally apparel coming soon so check the BikerCrap.com website often.