About PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties

PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are an integral part of the BikerCrap business. BikerCrap purchased the very small company shortly after launching the BikerCrap.com website, realizing the importance of offering nipple pastes to wear with some of our more revealing tops.

Since then, PAS-TiTS has grown into their own and are well recognized in the biker community. There is no major motorcycle event where PAS-TiTS cannot be found, some of the sexy biker ladies wearing them under bright colored fishnet tops and others finding a lone pair of nipple pasties all they need.


And as they evolved, more than just lady bikers could be found wearing PAS-TiTS nipple pasties. Free spirited women from all walks of life discovered the breast baring virtues of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties and took advantage of them. You could fine PAS-TiTS nipple pasties at Nevada’s Burning Man, New York’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade, Florida’s Fantasy Fest and dozens of other adult themed events nation-wide.

Today, PAS-TiTS are the number one choice in nipple pasties for both professionals and personal use. Endorsed by porn stars and playmates, but even more impressive is the endorsement they receive from the thousands of repeat BikerCrap customers that visit the BikerCrap.com website and choose PAS-TiTS nipple pasties above all others. This is especially true for the active wearer such as the power boat crowd and those who attend multi day rallies and weekend music festivals. These gals just stick their PAS-TiTS on and away they go, knowing full well that their nipple pasties will outlast them!



BikerCrap Summer Giveaway Contest

Place your order on the BikerCrap.com website and qualify yourself for your free giveaway gift!  Everyone wins, nobody goes home empty handed.

The BikerCrap Summer Giveaway Contest has begun and there are plenty of free gifts for all.  There are no losers in the contest, every order placed on the BikerCrap.com is a winner (some restrictions do apply) so quit wasting time and get your order in.  Yes, ever order is a winner but only one lucky customer will take home the grand prize, an incredibly sexy, buckle detail, leather mini dress valued at over one hundred dollars.  The BikerCrap Summer Giveaway Contest runs through September and there is a guaranteed grand prize winner so your odds are pretty good.  And don’t forget, everyone wins something!

Claiming your prize is easy and all you have to do is place an order to win.  Your order will include a contest number on your packing slip.  Simply email us your contest and order number and we’ll send you your free giveaway prize but first, check your contest number with the grand prize winning number displayed on the BikerCrap.com website home page to see if you are the big winner.  If you are the big winner then send us your desired size along with your contest and order number and we’ll do the rest.

Now about those restrictions, there are only two.  First, you can only collect one giveaway prize per week however, there is no restriction on how many giveaways’ you can receive.  Second, orders of a single pair of PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are not eligible for the giveaway prize, all other orders are eligible and there are no other restrictions.

So what are you waiting for, take a stroll through all of the great BikerCrap collections and order yourself some of that sexy riding apparel you have been wanting to get and at the same time automatically qualify yourself for your BikerCrap free giveaway prize and a shot at that Grand Prize Leather Mini Dress!