What Drives Those Breast Bearing Biker Babes?

It’s nothing new, it’s been happening for decades and will likely continue to happen when ever and where ever bikers get together and party!

There is no denying that bikers are a bread of their own, uniquely different than the average man and woman on the street and they embrace their freedoms in a manner that most others simply do not understand. Bikers of often viewed as edgy and a little on the non-conforming side of the fence, traits that biker wear like a badge of honor. But edgy and non-conforming is not an accurate portrayal of the biker lifestyle. A better synopsis of the lifestyle is one that is built on embracing their freedoms and a deep seeded sharing of respect for one another.

As for what it is exactly that drives those fine biker babes to bear their breasts for all to enjoy, nobody can really be 100% sure and it’s likely attributed to a number of factors and is different from one lady biker to the next but I think all will agree that their actions are largely influence by the two fundamental factors of freedom and respect that the lifestyle so embraces.

Yes, the bearing of biker babe breast flesh has been going on for decades however firmly planted its roots back in the early 1970’s when the biking scene really started to take hold. Viewed as misfits and non-conformists, these 1970’s bikers preferred the company of one another over the “regular” people which inspired many a backwoods biker party and campout, away from the watchful and often criticizing eyes of mainstream American. These parties were the birth place of today’s biker rallies, but back then they were no more than a gathering of free spirited and like-minded motorcycle riding folks that simply wanted to party without being hassled.

If there happened to be a swimming hole or stream at the party spot, there was skinny dipping going on and the free spirited attitude of the 70’s offered little to compel many of the biker chicks in attendance to slip back into their tops when the swimming was done. While this was an attitude not exclusive to bikers in the early 70’s, as we moved towards the end of the decade and into the 80’s, attitudes shifted considerably. Society became much more judgmental and the free spirited nature of the 70’s was left by the wayside by everyone with one exception. Biker’s did not see the social norms of the early 70’s as a trend but instead, as a part of their lifestyle that they shared with the general population for a few fleeting moments. When everyone else moved on, bikers just continued to live their lives as they had before everyone else arrived.

The business of bike rallies steadily grew through the 80’s and 90’s and as more and more started to participate in the changing lifestyle the more the act of biker babes flashing their breast grew into more of a sport. While there were still several old school bike rallies and parties throughout the country, the new breed of biker babe came equipped with tops ready to lift and the mindset to do so upon request. The new breed of biker bros also arrived to the rallies, all on shiny new bikes of chrome and a saddle bag filled with plastic beads, the common currency for barter to get a look at a passing seat of biker babe breasts. This new breed of biker babe also brought forth the wearing of nipple pasties as part of their high fashion rally attire.

Today, there is a wide variety of lady bikers that cover the spectrum of the lifestyle. The more trendy bikers enjoy playing dress up in their sexy, high dollar biker attire and look damn nice doing so. There are plenty of long time rider with their groups in the weekends and have their occasional moments where the ladies might get a little wild after a few libations and engage in some playful titty flashing all in the spirit of a good time. A smaller group of biker chicks are those that live for the next rally just so they can get wild and naked and then there are those biker babes that, while maybe not part of the old school lifestyle, do embrace the old school mentality and respect that allows them the freedom to be whoever thy want to be amongst a group of their peers. These are the gals that you won’t find titty flashing for every guy that passes by but instead will be enjoy the rally, beer in hand and breast already out as they feel little need to hold them in confines amongst like a likeminded group of their biker family.


The Exotic and Erotic Costumes of Fantasy Fest

In October of each year thousands of free spirits head to Key West Florida to attend the annual week long Fantasy Fest celebration.

Fantasy Fest may best be described as Mardi Gras on steroids.  The celebration has for years prompted people from all walks of life, backgrounds, economic status, political, religious and sexual orientation to come together one for a week
long expression of freedom and fantasy.  The festive atmosphere of Fantasy Fest has always brought out the best in both those who attend as well as those who come as spectators.

The nature of Fantasy Fest in of itself promotes a great deal of fun yet provocative costumes and dress by those who participate.  Some come dressed in very elaborate costumes while others take a more minimalistic approach and wear no more than some very tiny shorts, body glitter and a pair of nipple pasties.  Both men and woman adorned in body paint are a common site at Fantasy Fest as well and there are no restrictions on women who’s choice in costume is void of a top exposing her bare breasts.

Maybe the best way to describe the people of Fantasy Fest and the costumes they wear are colorfully exotic, stimulatingly erotic fun!  They both are without a doubt sexy and the abundance of nipple pasties covered and bare breasts raises the erotic bar to a 10 plus.

This year’s Fantasy Fest is just around the corner and those who plan to participate are no doubt already working on their costumes and outfits.  Lots of glitter, vibrant colored scarves and matching nipple pasties will make up many of the costumes.  Others will wear themed costumes that will be just as highly erotic no doubt.

If you are so include, take the plunge and head off to Key West Florida and see what things are all about.  This year, Fantasy
Fest runs from October 18th through the 27th.  It’s not necessary to stay the entire time, just a few days will give you a good enough flavor for the event to have you marking your 2014 calendar before you head back home.

Nipple Pasties – A Safe Way to Bare Your Breasts in Public

Women who enjoy the feeling and freedom of being near topless can both find and create safe and publically acceptable opportunities to do so. 

Different than those groups who are active in the fight for the rights of women to be topless in public, there is a larger and ever growing number of women who enjoy the feeling and freedom of being topless when attending certain adult minded events that take place in public venues.  Understanding that there are public nudity laws and not wishing to violate them, these women have found that wearing nipple pasties provides the perfect balance between being topless while staying within the law.

That’s not to say that a woman can walk down a public street wearing nothing more than a pair of nipple pasties on her breasts, as most cities have public nudity ordinances that are a bit more restrictive to women than just having their nipples and areolas covered however, circumstance and common sense will, more often than not, dictate when and where it is appropriates and acceptable for a woman to wear nipple pasties in public.

Most beaches do not allow public nudity yet many are tolerant to topless women who wear nipple pasties to cover their areolas.  Quite honestly, a modest bikini bottom and a pair of nipple pasties in most cases provides significantly more coverage than many of the micro thong bikinis worn by a number of women today.  Pay to attend outdoor summer music festivals are often very tolerant of women wearing nipple pasties while any venue that is open to the general public is not as likely to find the wearing of nipple pasties acceptable.  Doing so might get you a ticket or something worse.  Mardi Gras parades and various publically held adult orientated festivals encourage people to participate.  These types of events often attract a number of topless women whose bare breasts are covered with nothing more than an attractive pair of nipple pasties.

There is also those that enjoy the more erotic aspect of being semi-exposed in public and who are always seeking out new and creative ways to achieve the excitement they experience from doing so.  A dress-up night on the town wearing a favorite pant suit, less the blouse, will defiantly stimulation the senses.  Add a pair of nipple pasties to cover the more intimate parts along with a well placed safety pin to keep the jacket closed just enough and you have an outfit that is both playful and provocative.  Many women find it exhilarating to feel several pairs of lust filled eyes upon them as they casually stop to window shop or pause for a moment to take in their surroundings, allowing those with the right vantage point to take in the full exposure of their nipple pasties covered breasts.  There are also many high traffic public areas where women can be far less subtle and blend into the crowd wearing a lose fitting sheer or semi-sheer blouse with a pair of nipple pasties, a look definitely will command considerable attention.

No matter what the reason, the desire or the circumstance, there are plenty of safe and sane ways that a woman can enjoy the feeling of near toplessness in the eye of the public.  Taking care and consideration to the surrounding and those in it, a well planned day or evening that includes a pair of nipple pasties can be exciting, erotic and very memorable.

Nipple Pasties are for All Seasons

Don’t limit your breast baring to the summer months only, with a little creativity you can find places to wear nipple pasties year-round.

Warm summer days certainly attract a large group of nipple pasties lovers such as those who love to party on the beaches and in the coves the line the shores of Lake Havasu.  Events such as the Parker Float and the Bullhead River Regatta also attract a large number of bikini bottom wearing babes who toss their tops in exchange for a sexy little pair of nipple pasties.  Summer weather does not last year-round and cooler outside temperatures certainly curbs the number of bikini clad women taking in the elements.  However, this does not deter those free spirited ladies that refuse to put their nipple pasties away during the cooler months of the year.

 You don’t need to be outdoors to create an environment in which to have fun wearing nipple pasties, creative minds are always coming up with sexy new ways to bare their breasts.  Clubs are raves are a hotbed for the scantily clad ladies who include a pair of nipple pasties with their evening ensemble and a night out socializing at your favorite bar is a great way to enjoy a little exposure while keeping things safely covered with a pair of nipple pasties.  Hosting a sporting event you’re your home and having the ladies dress up in a tight pair of booty shorts and team color matching nipple pasties can make for a fun filled afternoon or maybe a pool party for those who have a heated pool.  The opportunities to wear your nipple pasties are endless and only take a little bit of creative thinking to find a fun way to enjoy having some sexy and exciting cool weather fun.

Where there is a will there is a way and for those lovely ladies that like to push the envelope of style and fashion by adding a little extra breast exposure, PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties are a must have to keep it classy!

Strippers and PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties

No stripper wants to wear nipple pasties when she dances but for those who must, they look for the most subtle yet attractive nipple pasties to wear.

Across the nation, there is a never ending battle between gentlemen’s clubs and the morality police who are always trying restrict the conduct of the hard working entertainers who are employed by these fine establishments.  In cities like Houston Texas, strippers are prohibited from exposing their areolas while performing on stage and therefore seek out the tiniest of tops to wear or even more popular, they cover up with nipple pasties.

While these entertainers would prefer to wear nothing at all on their breasts while dancing, those that are require to, take extra care in choosing nipple covers that are attractive but also subtle so as to keep the focus on them and not some gawdy breast adornment.  For years PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties have been  the stripper’s top choice and for good reason.

First and foremost, PAS-TiTS have a long history of high quality at a very affordable price.  Made from a glimmering material, PAS-TiTS shimmer under the lights of the stage, drawing just enough attention to the dancer’s breasts while not stealing all the attention.  The material is also incredibly thin and formfitting so they conform well to the shape of the stripper’s breasts almost becoming a part of them.  This is by far the preferred look for those who come to see these lovely ladies dance and pay to see as little covered as possible.

Of all the PAS-TiTS Nipple Pastes styles and colors available, the most popular with strippers are the sand colored butterflies.  The butterfly and the stripper are a perfect marriage and the sand color is just about as close to nude as anyone can find.  This, combined with their formfitting fit makes the sand colored Butterfly Style PAS-TiTS almost melt into the dancer’s skin, in some cases onlookers are hardly aware that the entertainers even has anything on over their nipples.

While it is a shame that the morality police have forced these lovely ladies, who give their all to entertain the hard working men and women of America, to cover up their greatest money making assets, at least they have PAS-TiTS Nipple Pasties to subtly dress their breasts.

Preparing for your first Adult Motorcycle Rally

So, you’ve made the commitment to attending your very first adult motorcycle rally, now all you need to do it get yourself ready.  What to expect, what will you do, what should you wear?  All of these questions are running through your head as the days draw closer but no real answers are presenting themselves.  Preparing for your very first adult motorcycle rally can be quite nerve wracking if you let it but the reality is, there is no need to get yourself all worked up, just follow these few simple suggestions and you’ll be just fine!

Are You Going To Be A Spectator or Participator?
Bikers attend adult motorcycle rallies for any number of reasons.  Some go simply to stay away from the commercialism that dominates most of today’s motorcycle events while others go for the uninhibited party atmosphere.  Of course there are those that go because they love to check out the abundance of lady flesh which would not be there if it were not for those biker ladies that attend adult motorcycle rallies so that they can let their hair down as well as their inhibitions so to speak.  Not every biker guy and gal participates in the showing of flesh that takes place at these adult motorcycle rallies but there are a large number of those that attend for the sole reason to be able to do so.  And to what degree those that participate bare it all varies significantly.  For the biker chicks that participate, the majority are in the “show your tits” crowd while those in the manority may wear very revealing tops or even go topless all together, each person is different.

One thing for certain, do not assume that you will only be a spectator at an adult motorcycle rally as thousands of shy and inhibited biker chicks have fallen victim to the breast flashing powers of a cheap stand of plastic Mardi Gras beads!

Don’t Get Caught With Your Top Around Your Neck!
You can never be too certain that you will not participate in the ritualistic showing of the breasts that takes place at adult motorcycle rallies so it is best to be prepared for anything.  Those that do not come prepared often find themselves spending a portion of the weekend with their tank tops pulled up around there necks and while this is an effective way for the biker chicks to show off their breasts, it’s not much in the way of a fashion statement.  Don’t be one of those that ends spending the weekend sitting around with your shirt pulled up over their chest in order to bare their wares, always pack a couple of tops that will fit the breast baring bill just in case.  The majorety of ladies that participate in the showing of breast flesh are not comfortable being topless and find that wearing an unbuttoned shirt provides them with a sense of security to leave their breast out in all their glory.  Triangle bikini tops are another favorite as they can easily be pulled to one side or closed back up again in second.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry, pack appropriately just in case!
Keep it Sober
While you may love to party like a rock star, if you are not always 100% in control of your actions when you drink, it is best to stay sober at your first adult motorcycle rally.  More than one biker chick has gone from PTA mom to porn start while under the influence of alcohol, it happens.  Cheering crowds egging the ladies on has many engaging in adult activities they later wished they had not done all of which was no doubt captured on dozens of digital cameras and even video.  There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and getting wild amongst fellow bikers however, if alcohol can impair your better judgment, it’s best to stay away from it when you’re participation includes you being in various stages of undress.

Nipple Pasties
It is always a safe bet to keep a couple pairs of nipple pasties packed in your t-bag.  While you might have the desire to shed your top and join in the adult activities, many first timers simply are not comfortable with their nipples exposed.  Nipple pasties have been the stepping stone for many a biker chick in their transition from top on to topless.  Nipple pasties can be a great deal of fun as well as the biker boys (and gals) wait in anticipation for the moment you finally decide to unveil what is hidden underneath.  Peeling your nipple pasties off of your breast, in the presence of onlookers, is always a real crowd pleaser!

As you can see, the best way to make the most of your first adult motorcycle rally is to be prepared.  Go with no expectations other than to have a great time and all will no doubt find adult motorcycle rallies much to your liking.